Can the void in the comics world left by Stan Lee's death be ever replaced?

There are plenty of talented artists and story tellers in comic books, It's just that Stan Lee was such a huge figure in the industry that the focus was on him and rightfully so, But, I'm sure many will fill in the void left by him. Of course, whatever comes now will have a different flavor than what Stan Lee introduced and that should be fine. New ideas and styles can carry the industry along. Deviating a little bit from Comics, I see it the same way as when George Lucas finally retires his creation (Star Wars) is to big to die with him and others will continue his legacy and the same can be said Toriyama, Akira after he passes on his creations (eg. Dragon Ball) will be continue by someone, heck Toyotaro already is doing just that and Finally, Miyamoto Shigeru with Super Mario, Zelda etc. After he passes on other talented minds will continue to grow those series into newer experiences for fans/consumers to enjoy for years to come. So coming full circle back to Stan the Man Lee, It may take a few years for some of us to grow accustomed to his absence, but we can rest assured those creators that have been blessed by him to carry the torch for Marvel are already present it's just we need to recognize them and soon enough we will. Happy Reading!!!

It was publicized that he died only an hour ago, at the time I'm writing this. That's one quick void.

He's been the face of Marvel, and embodied the "Excelsior!" spirit, but is his passing really going to change how the comics are written going forward? No. They'll put out some nice commemorative issues in memoriam, I'm sure they'll be written with care and in good taste.

The man was 95. He was happy. We have to come to terms with death. It has to come at some point for all of us. We should celebrate his life rather than wishing it had gone on indefinitely.

Not to Dishonor the man. Stan Lee spend more of a figurehead the last 30 odd years. If you read any of these things that were written in the last 30 years they were not very good. While he did help with the marvel comics during the 60s Steve Ditko also pretty much Influence them as well, the MCU brought More fame to Stan Lee then anything else he became a staple of their movies. May he rest in peace, and I thank him for the contributions he did do for comics.

He wasn't actively creating comics in recent years, at least not regularly. He hasn't been a regular writer of any particular character for many years, decades even. It's a sad passing, for sure, and it feels like the end of an era. I think he's the last of the greats of Marvel's history, which include Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.

But his death will not leave a void.

Why is water important to living things?

Many chemical reactions require water as a sbstrate. The ability of water to interact with molecules through hydrogen bonds allow molecules to go into solution. Water is small enough to pass through fluid membranes, thus assisting with different membrane potentials.

How far away is Sun from the farthest known body in light-years?

GN-z11 is a redshift galaxy farthest ever discovered from earth. It has redshift of z=11.09 which is approximately 32 billion light years from earth. Sun is 8 light minutes away from us, so GN-z11 is 32,000,000,000 light years and 8 minutes away from sun.I won't recommend the travel though. Oil prices are pretty high. :)

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