Can walking on terrace help me reduce weight?

Better option-

If you have to reach a place which is within 1-3 kms. from your home,prefer walking down to that place in flat slippers,or walking shoes,or else cycle to that place.Avoid using cars,bikes ,etc to reach any place,unless the distance is really too large.

Source(s):Prachi Mathur is a successful DIET & YOGIC CONSULTANT,& an experienced DISTANCE HEALER

Do we gain weight after discontinuing gym?

If you will continue the same diet plan (which you used to take in gym days) then definitely your weight will increase. This is because the diet which your are taking will not digest properly because of lack of exercise and as a result it will remain undigested and the undigesed food will

What is the use of doing 100 ab crunches everyday?

100 crunches it is uselessBecause now your abs muscle will not break at this intensity therefore they will not grow moreInstead doing 100 crunches do 8 crunches on declined bench if you can do more than 8 crunches on declined bench then hang your legs somewhere and do 8 hanging crunches

How can a wife control her husband?

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