Can watching English sitcoms and series improve one's English vocabulary?

Of course,  sitcoms help a lot in increasing your vocabulary.. Besides being funny and entertaining they add humor in you. In your daily as well as professional life also.. You can use the sentences, idioms etc.
Try to watch the sitcoms with subtitles. Some of the sitcoms that can greatly enhance your vocab are :
1) Big bang theory
2) How I met your mother
3) Two and a half men
Can someone who is overweight benefit from doing push-ups everyday and adding one extra push-up everyday?

Yes. As long as a healthy diet is also introduced. Anything that is expending energy is going to ultimately reduce overall body fat %.However this is pointless if one is still consuming MORE energy (calories) than one is burning.The simple science to burning fat

How to split my daily workout if I can work 7 days a week of 45 minutes a day

Divide your workout into a three-day split where you split upper body work into a push/pull routine and work your lower body on a separate day. A typical three-day split like this would include: Day 1: chest and triceps, Day 2: back and biceps, Day 3: legs and shoulders. Lift weights for one muscle group per day.Here i