Can we communicate with animals?

Yes. We can communicate with animals in many ways. Physically, vocally, energetically and telepathically. Your animals certainly understand you when you talk to them. They may not understand every word of the language you speak to them, but we speak words with intent, and they understand intent.

They also understand a limited vocabulary, but they also understand your tone of voice and the energy you project. Everyone who has animals communicates with them every day. Whether they do it well, or how well they understand their animals back is a different story.

Some people are very attuned to what their animals are feeling, others not quite as much. More often than not, it's the people who want to know what their animals are thinking and feeling, who call me for consultations and communications.

I use telepathy to communicate with animals, and the only difference is I've trained to hear what they have to say back. So when I do it for someone, I'm sort of like a ‘translator.' But I firmly believe that everyone has that ability, it's just how in tune you are with your animals. Rest assured, however, they are more tuned into you than you are to them. So you communicate with them all the time, mostly without even knowing it.

What is a home gym? What does it cost?

Hey thereHome gym simply means building your own gym in your houseBest place for home gym is in the basement or any isolated place in your home so that you can workout without any disturbance and without disturbing other members of familyCosting of home gym depends on which kind of workout you want to do in your gym,i

What does your daily diet look like?

I try and eat 3000 calories everyday in a eight hour eating window starting 8 am and ending around 3.30 - 4 pmI work out very hard so I need this diet to maintain my energy levels and do not advise anyone to follow itBreakfast is usually 1700 cal which looks something like below with

Does smoking weed cause psychosis?

Yes. In my experience during my depression worsening I felt weed caused my psychotic episode where life and reality just seemed mad, I was having thoughts for the sake of having thoughts, any thoughts, for fear of not thinking or fear of something irrational