Can we ever reach intergalactic space?

This is a reasonably close answer for me, at least for a trip to "part of the way":

Dr. (Astronaut) Mitchell, answering questions at a White House meeting with a group of National top-scoring school children:

(Question asked by student, regarding the technology required to get the human species off the Solar System).

Dr. Mitchell: First of all, I do believe we will be able to get outside our Solar System, and I've written a paper on that, by the end of this century. But we're going to have to bridge the gap between the General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, and we have not done that yet. There are some real elusive answers there that make it unclear of how we're going to do it. But, it is clear that the Aliens have done it and how they've done it, through worm-holes, or what other device they call them, but that is the area of break through that we have to have before we can get there.

"BTW", NASA lists some of Dr. Mitchell's credentials: Edgar Dean Mitchell

A bit of fancy imagination might solve this ...Imagine that since bing bang we are flowing in the river of know dimension of space-time and a myriad of other dimensions that only appear and dissapear according to energy-space rules that are specific to the currents in that particular region of space which in turn may give rise to matter or whatever the physics of that region allows and lets hope that river binds the tides and flow in that region by something called branching gravity so we can afterwards call them galaxies. If this is so then dark energy can have a major form of eternally moving space-time bed where gravity in pure form is a lot stronger yet still flowing because thats what it actually does just flow, but because of generative nature of this bed, in some regions the mass itself trapped and potentialized the gravity to become slow and bind everything around it. Light and electrmagnetism that seep in this slow gravity are limited by its structure but in real ground the same gravity along with everything is fast enough as much as receding cosmos tells us ..but we only detect light not the motion of. Dark energy , gravity or primordial time whatever we call it. In order to get the real feel we may have to ride the tide , learn how to slice the energy feild or space region AKA star or galaxy and then steer it in the direction where we dire by harnessing the power of main gravity field without being crushed by it..... which means learn the technique to rebranch gravity in main field and then end up in the region of local space destination and jump over to the other galaxy using nominal speeds of electromagnetic field... I guess?

whatever I would give the answer here you can not reverse check my answer, Whenever it will happen but it is not going to happen in your and my life.

but one should have a positive approach always.If 350 years before I would say  that heavy iron and steel objects are going  to fly as well as float on the water; I would be in the same room with Galileo but now days it is a ordinary thing even 20 years before my science teachers would not believe on smart phone features but today...

so just imagine in just 100 years how far the technology has come, modern human's age is 200000 years now imagine if we survive till 200000 AD without any drastic change like world war, viruses or Asteroids then think about our technology, even we can't think.

may be we will have a way to travel long long distances . we could avoid effects of special theory of relativity if we travel with the speed of light. We will be able to create worm holes when we need them just like a cell phone call. even better than all these ways ... the process is known as the words that are not created now. so there is no way to know about this until future generation will be interested to provide me one mire life using my dna which is left by me today.
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