Can we live happily without getting married in India?

The answer is subjective because it depends on many factors

1. The place you live -metro you won't have a problem,south India except Banglore a bit difficult . I dont know about the northern part

2 The type of family that you two have.If your family members are open minded then no worries

3 The type of neighborhood that you live

Apart from all this I personally thinks you are the person who creates happiness in your life .It is how you handle the environment decides your happiness ,If you are comfortable with the person then go for it .

Means Salman Khan is not Happy with his life..:O
Marriage is not the way to be Happy in the World..:)
What is virtue, and how does one become virtuous?

According to - The world's favorite online dictionary!virtue is behaviour showing high moral standards.The question then becomes, what are the high moral standards?Then the answer will depend on the religion or philosophies that you ascribe to.For the Christians, the virtues are in the Fruit of the Spirit, so Galatians 5:22-23 New

Why is it that bad people treat people badly and good people treat people better?

We all have personal notions of what is good and bad. And some people even continue doing bad things because it's what their innate traits (nature derived from genes) and personality (molded over the years) compel them to do.How people treat others is not usually black and white, that is,

Are Ramen noodles healthy?

I've never seen ramen advertised as a health food. In Japan, that's significant, because even Mr Donut hawks some items for their health value.Every ingredient of every dish has an index of toxicity, even pure water. So it's incorrect to call any food