Can we see the sun at night?

So...either you live under a rock or the big enormous super ultra bright round shaped thing which comes everyday, stays up there in sky for whole freaking 12 hours, makes you sweat like you just climbed a mountain and you don't see it or you never looked up.

Try this, look up.

Find your answer for yourself






I still think you never looked up

At any one time we can only see the half of the Sun that is facing us. However there is no ‘far side of the Sun'. Unlike the Moon, which spins once for every time it goes around the Earth, constantly presenting us with the same side, the Sun spins once every 24.5 days and the Earth moves within its orbit so that over the course of about a month we get to see the entire surface.

However the Sun is a dynamic, constantly changing ball of fusion and by the time we see the other side, the entire surface has evolved and changed. And with our ever-increasing dependence on satellite technology, the problem of solar flares and coronal mass ejections is one that concerns scientists and engineers.

Even during the morning you're not able to see the sun. What you see is just the light coming from it. So, during night time the few thing that directs the light of the sun towards us are the moon, planets and the atmosphere. So,  keep looking at the moon, you're actually looking at the sun.
Yes you can see midnight sun.

Midnight Sun is a term used to refer to the sun that is visible at a  location's local midnight. This natural phenomenon can only happen in  areas within the Arctic and the Antarctic Circle during summer.
Night is caused due to the rotation of Earth about its own axis away from the sun. So, Its not possible to observe The Sun in the night.
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