Can we spend life without friends?

Yes, definitely you can spend your life without any friend at all.

I have colleagues, network with people, talk to them, help them with something but I don't consider anyone my friend. I won't ever introduce any of those to my family because I consider my own family more important than business partners or job colleagues.

I don't trust anybody and I'm doing very good this way.

People only want to talk to you because they need something, money, sex, some material advance, advice, something! They don't like other one for nothing, only if they want to hear some stupid joke or whine about their terrible jobs or bosses.

There is a truth in the WORLD, people like to say they are "social" no they are Material beings, they use people to get something, I don't know what something is but they need to look cool, to ilude themselves that they have a bunch of friends or just show up with social network full of happy smiling faces. That's doesn't matter at all.

If you are an individual with clear mind, clear goals, good job, knowledge about something that pay big money you won't need friend for nothing. Found your own family, have a kid and spend your time with them.

Your colleagues will ask you to go some happy hour or company party, you just go, listen to their shit, after that go to your house and spend with somebody with truly matters, you and your family and pets!

A true friend is not a guy who can spend time with bars and telling jokes, thats in no way are friendship this is bullshit lie. A true friend will stay with you, help in your difficulties, spend and invest in you and will protect you even without wanting anything in exchange. Who in the fuc+ world will do that for you? Maybe your parent, a brother, a very close people not anybody, not a random person you follow at Facebook or Instagram, those are empty, hollow stupid relationships.


I think I'm qualified to write this answer. I'm 21 and I've never had any friends. You read it right.I've had no friends ever in my school or college life. Strange right? But true. The truth is you can exist without friends but you can't live. You can eat alone but you can't have the fun that you'd experience when you eat with friends. You can watch a movie alone but can't experience the laughter and fun which only friends can give you. You can study alone, live alone, do everything alone but at some point you'll experience this void inside you which needs to be filled. That hollowness and emptiness inside you which only friends' warmth and camaraderie can fill up. You'll see them celebrate birthdays together, hang out together, party, play, tease, have fun together and you'll feel oh it's okay I can live without all that. But a time will come when you'll be so overwhelmed by your own loneliness, you'll want to escape and kill yourself. Because you'll be fed up living with your own self. It is a horrendous and macabre feeling. You'll feel helpless in difficult times, times when you need a person to hold you and listen to you, to hug and comfort you, to give you strength and be there for you. It's at such times, you'll find yourself utterly lonely and long for a friend. If you're happy, there would be no one to celebrate with and multiply your joys, if you're morose, there will be no one to divide your sorrrows. You'll have no stories to tell your children, no memories of happy times spent with friends, no experiences to share. You might survive without them through the week but you'd start hating weekends. You'll be holed up in your room while everyone's out there hanging with their friends, eating, dancing, drinking, having a good time. You'll think oh it's fine, I don't need them,I'll go out to eat alone, don't people eat at restaurants by themselves? You'll be okay at first but over time it'll crush you inside. Everytime you go out to eat, you'll see them eating together, the feelings of warmth, laughter and love that they have, you'll long for it too. You'll feel hurt and think I was better holed up in my room than eating here alone. When people see you don't have any friends, you'll be perceived as weird, strange and even rude. They'll think there's some fundamental problem with you and avoid you. It'll lead you to lose your self confidence and you'll end up being socially awkward, feel complexed and avoid people altogether. You'll feel hurt, you'll try to isolate yourself, it will consume you, leaving you with an ennui inside you and you'll end up being an isolated lost depressed soul.

Yes a life without friends is possible but then a time will come when you'll no longer feel like living anymore

When I was in high school I felt that I had no friends. No one to hang out with, just some younger kids in the neighborhood closer to my kid brother's age than me.

I was alone, depressed, and getting more resentful as time wore on. It didn't help that I was almost constantly in trouble with my parents for one reason or another, meaning I was almost always grounded.

One day, sitting in detention (I was a terrible kid, I mentioned that, right?), I was thinking about who would miss me if I just turned up missing one day. My mom? Sure. Dad? Probably. Brother? Probably not. Friends? Did I even have any?

I didn't know anyone with similar interests at school, but then I realized that I didn't know anyone because I didn't try to know anyone. I didn't go out of my way to talk to anyone outside the context of the classes I was in.

I had exactly zero social life outside of the classroom. But then I realized that it wasn't someone else's responsibility to reach out to me to start that friendship, it was my responsibility.

I found a person sitting alone in the hallway during lunch, much like I tended to do, and sat down next to them. Didn't say a word. Didn't know what to say. Turns out, it didn't matter. The second day I plopped down, she said something to me. Conversation actually happened. It wasn't forced, jilted, or strange. It was perfectly normal. It just sort of happened.

Our little group of two spanned to five eventually. And then something stranger yet happened... We all started socializing outside of our core group. We, through each other, figured out the grand secret to making friends.

Sometimes, it is you that has to make the first move.

I'm not saying this is going to happen easily, what I am saying is that sometimes, in order to make friends, you can't wait for someone else to make the move.

Shy? Yeah, me too. Consider the event improv acting, and the role you have been assigned is the gregarious one in the rooom. Don't change the core of who you are in the moment, just change the fact you're normally the silent one and go for it.

Alarm rings.

I wake up and look around my hostel room. There is nothing new there. I get up from my bed and start getting ready for my classes. I then walk slowly to the mess to have breakfast, alone. The mess is full of groups of students, or friends, chatting, laughing and having a wonderful time all together. But no, I donot want to be with them. I just have my breakfast and walk to class.

In the class, I sit at my usual spot. Except for a customary smile or nod, I largely ignore the happy friends all around me. The teachers come and take classes and the day is over.

I now slowly walk back to my hostel room, alone. I see others around me sitting under trees in groups, having their evening tea and gossiping, laughing and having the time of their lives. I am not invited anywhere, nor do I want to be with them. I reach my room and my lonely journey continues.

So, can I live without friends? Ofcourse I can! I can exist just like the way I described above - a monotonous, lonely and a very ordinary life.

Do I want to live without friends? Definitely not! I want my friends around me. They make my life colourful, cheerful and memorable. They help me be who I am. They see me for who I am and still stick around. They form an integral part of my life. Together, we live our youthful lives to the fullest!

So, do not just exist. Go out with your friends and live your life!

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