Can we survive an alien attack if they need the planet intact?

Can we survive an alien attack if they need the planet intact? I would think that if they have inter stellar capabilities they could easily remove a human infestation, leaving the planet intact and relatively undamaged.

With that said I do not think that "aliens" are going to be harassing us any time soon. I truly believe that humans are a product of alien experimentation with building a species.

Everything we are told points to alien interference with life on planet Earth. The bible routinely refers to "GOD" creating man. "God created man in his own image".

How do we know that "man" as we are today was the first attempt? What if "God" made some sort of oops and erased previous models? There is evidence that today's "man" cannot duplicate some of the ancient ruins that exist on Earth today. Pyramids for sure come to mind. (I personally don't buy into the theory that the pyramids were built by known Egyptians)

The bible also refers to "Rapture" where man will ascend into the heavens.

If you don't believe in the biblical or the whole religious theory then you have evolution to look at. Humans have "evolved" much, much faster than any other life form known to us.

Or maybe ancient "man" got too advanced and the "aliens" eradicated the infestation before it spread too far.

How do we know it didn't already happen?

What happened to the Mayans? GONE!!

First we must ask ourselfs "why are they attacking us?" I don't think it's for natural resources because they can find any resources in space. It's must be attack for habitat and they need the planet intact so because of that reasons they can't use high tech wepons on us.

If they use high tech wepons, people of earth immediately use atomic bomb and it makes earth not habitable.

This means that; they must conquer earth or kill everyone on it. In that situation people of eart can be fight back. They might be have laser gun or something but our guns are really effective to kill things too. So i think we can survive that kind a attack but if only they don't have enormous amount of soldiers.

"Can we" ? Yes, anything is possible.

But, any species with the ability to traverse interstellar space to get to a mostly harmless planet in the unfashionable part of the western spiral arm (RIP DA), would probably think no more of ridding us of the planet, than we would of fumigating a house with an insect infestation.


A civilization capable of interstellar stellar is signficiantly more technologically advanced than humanity.

In most scenarios we'd have no chance of victory.

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First, why would aliens attack earth? Because they want something.

They might want our supply of saltwater, fresh water, or human lives for slavery or for food. They may just have their eye on our real estate. They would be intent on taking something from us. They want to take something and leave our infrastructure intact.

How would an advanced civilization achieve that goal? Would they come in huge spaceships and blast away Paris, Hong Kong or LA? I think not. I think not.

If they need the planet intact but want human beings out of their way, could they accomplish it genetically through mass sterilization without our knowledge. The human race would vanish in a generation.

If they were in a hurry, they could attack us through a viral pandemic. Research "1918 pandemic" and the efficacy of the "Spanish Flu" virus that killed more people than all of the First World War's casualties. 50,000,000 human lives globally lost to the flu. Could they do that? Sure, God forbid we could do that 10 times over. Those are just two examples of the "known." I'm sure they have methods we've never dreamed of.

Listen to podcasts and televised interviews with former Canadian MOP, Mr. Paul Hellyer. Mr. Hellyer was Canada's Minister of Defence ("Defense" for American readers). In 2005, Mr. Hellyer admitted at a public event in Toronto that UFOs are real. Further, he stated that global governments are aware. Some alien beings live here on earth with us. According to Mr. Hellyer they've been here for thousands of years. World governments are either incapable of resisting them or we've cut a deal. A quid pro quo with terms that may not be to our liking.

I am a former Assistant Attorney General and State's Attorney. My credentials are nowhere near Mr. Hellyer's who comes from the highest echelon of government.

I wrote and published a book in March 2018, disclosing my abduction experience in 1977 while I was in the USAF. I kept silent for 40+ years for fear of losing my job in government and damage to my good name in the legal community. I'm 64 now and I don't care. I want people to know the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

My book is INCIDENT AT DEVILS DEN. It's on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. If you're interested take a look at it. But please read the reviews of both sides, pro and con, before making a decision. You can read a good piece of it for free on Amazon's site or listen to MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE podcast episode under my name.

In zoos, perhaps.
Any civilization that has mastered interstellar travel would likely be able to wipe us out without much efforts. And i'm not even considering a possibility of bio weaponry or bio engineering.

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Depends on whether you are talking about the body or the spirit. I think these bodies have planned obsolescence built into them, just like automobiles. Can that ever be reversed? Doubtful, for many reasons. The being, on the other hand, I believe to be immortal, although one can abdicate responsibility for self

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Is there any proof or evidence of alien / extraterrestrial life existence?

The best evidence of extraterrestrial life is in orbit around the Earth right now, just as it has been for millions of years. Humans have landed on it. Billions of people look right at it every day, and fail to recognise it for what it is.