Can we take alcohol in Delhi metro?

Officially you can't travel with liquor in Delhi metro as it's prohibited inside Metro stations as well as in trains.

But unofficially you can have it in water bottles without getting checked at security.

I had both such incidents that I traveled with & without Alcohol bottle in my bag.

Incident 1: I was travelling from Gurgaon to Noida having one sealed & one opened bottle inside baggage in May-2015. It was all clear from security check & I reached to my destination without any problem.

Incident 2: I was stopped at security at New-Delhi metro security for having a alcohol bottle with my luggage bag, I told the security person that it is opened & if he can allow me to travel with it but he refused & then said that travelling with liquor is not allowed in metro trains.

Hence, you can travel bu tat your own risk because if you gets caught within metro then there could be serious consequences of breaching the security & laws.

So Officially a Big NO....but unofficially "Do whatever you want to do Man/Woman" ;)

No we can't.

Even if you're carrying a bottle that looks like an alcohol bottle, the security staff will particularly check the bottle and smell the contents. Good lord, they even make a hassle while carrying an energy drink like Redbull.

Ashwin Deshmukh's answer to Can we travel with a sealed bottle of whisky in Delhi metro?

Now if you have travelled even once in the would be aware of the fact that 'smoking , eating and drinking is not permitted on the Delhi Metro '(yeah...i quoted the exact same announcement :P) But if someone wants to be a daredevil and doesn't gives a rat's ass to rules and regulations.....then of course one can... One can put alcohol in a cold drink bottle and enjoy it while traveling in a metro.

But yes...after some time...when the 'nectar' starts showing its 'magic' then the following things will happen  :

1) People sitting or standing around will start giving odd looks (when they feel the fragrance) .

2) They will start avoiding that guy and will try to be at a certain distance from that guy...since that guy would do something that would offend someone.

3) If that guy still continues drinking without thinking about other  copassengers...then some guys will question him and will ask him to stop drinking and leave the metro at next station.

4) But's obvious that the drunk guy would hardly even listen to what is being yeah...he could be beaten up by other people  , and then forcibly thrown out of the metro at next station..and would obviously be verbally abused... And one MMS on YouTube is guaranteed .

Basically something like this will happen :

Girl Fighting with a Drunk Man in Delhi Metro

So...if someone can pay the price of getting drunk...then YES...ONE CAN DRINK IN THE  METRO -_-

Yesterday I was at a regular frisking / security check at Vaishali Metro and a cop just caught a guy , but later on he found out that it was a wine bottle shaped water bottle , We all had a hearty laugh after that

So moral of the story : NOT ALLOWED

The Delhi Metro has banned spirits and inflammable liquids in all forms, including sealed liquor bottles, objects such as knives, cutleries, cleavers and animals of any kind in its trains in Delhi and NCR.

Until a fortnight ago, there was no official ban on taking pets along in trains. But all this has changed; even sealed liquor bottles won't be allowed inside stations now.

A DMRC spokesperson told HT that keeping security issues in mind, the corporation on January 4 decided to enforce a ban on several items under four categories inside the Metro trains.

"Some arms and ammunition were already banned. Now the list has become exhaustive."

But Thats Not Fair with Delhi People

Well, alcohol comes under the category of liquor which is totally banned under the law. But I still remember when me and my friends made a plan to vape some hukkah at my place and we brought it via metro. Initially we were scared while checking was going on. And to add further to our anxiety the gaurd asked us to show them our bags. We opened it up and they saw it. We were literally scared and we're shitting on our pants. He asked us about it. We told him about the hukaah and everything. To our surprise, he let us take it. So yeah alcohol is banned but not hukkah. That's sums up my experience. But you can carry it along in Pepsi bottle ;)
The Delhi Metro has banned spirits and inflammable liquids in all forms, including sealed liquor bottles, objects such as knives, cutleries, cleavers and animals of any kind in its trains in Delhi and NCR.
 The corporation, however, did not recommend any penalty for carrying these items as commuters with such items won't be allowed to enter the station.
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