Can we visit Kashmir in June?


Kashmir is one of the most beautiful tourist spots blessed with blissful beauty in India. Jammu & Kashmir is only state in India which shifts its capital according to seasons. Jammu is the winter capital and Kashmir is the summer capital of the state. Both Kashmir and Srinagar are famous for their picturesque valleys and serene lakes. Known as the Heaven on Earth Kashmir is known for majestic mountains, snow capped mountains and roaring waterfalls and one of the best tourist places in India. Srinagar is the summer Capital of Jammu and Kashmir and the most vibrant destination set around the Dal Lake. Srinagar is the central area of Kashmir and ideal place to start your trip to major tourist destinations like Sonamarg, Gulmarg and Pahalgam.

You can visit Kashmir in any month of the year. There is no such restrictions to visit the place. It is a tourist place as well as residential place and you have all the rights to visit any city or state without anyone's permission.

If you faces any issue regarding the travel or tour, do approach the nearer police station for that. They will surely assist you on the same and can provide your full help in that terms.

Absolutely yes. U can visit Kashmir anytime of the year you don't have to worry about anything

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