Can weight loss cause back pain?

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It is well-established that being overweight or obese increases one's chance of experiencing lower back pain. With that in mind, it makes sense to view weight loss as a back pain treatment. Rapid weight loss, however, can cause back pain in a number of ways.


Rapid weight loss diets often revolve around the principle of ketosis, where the body burns its fat due to a decrease in the supply of sugars it receives to burn. Low-carbohydrate diets fall into this category. When cutting out grains and fruits, you will miss out on some of the nutrients you usually receive. The whole body is affected by malnutrition; muscles will not be able to function properly and may spasm or weaken, causing them to become easily strained.

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Dear Dmitry Rubinstein:Looking at your profile, you are busy coding and hovering over a screen most of the time. You have a desk-bound job, and you follow mostly a sedentary lifestyle, you may live in stressful conditions or neglecting sleeping hours. If that is you, you gradually deteriorate unless you intervene as early as possible. If neglected,

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