Can weight training prevent diabetes?

It will definitely help reduce the chance of developing type II diabetes, but not prevent.

Even though it helps, it does not mean you should start consuming large amounts of sugars thinking you're fine; there's a limit to everything. If you are going to consume large amounts of sugar/related, make sure you expel the energy out of your body through for example an intensive workout that drains your energy level.

I should also state that there's a positive correlation between age and chance of developing diabetes. I am pretty young, and can cope with sugar well for now, but as you age, try to consume less and less. Your metabolism plays an important role in this, a faster metabolism helps cope with sugar. Working out will speed it up (metabolism), but age will slow it down.

Is stem cell therapy for hair loss effective?

Along with life threatening diseases, researchers are exploring further to use the power of stem cells to cure problems like baldness. Like any other degenerative disease, baldness occurs when cells in hair follicles become damaged and thus thwart growth of new hair. This

Why do fat women make good wives?

I think your question can be phrased differently. I have not had any personal experience with fat women but I do have experience with curvy women since I always liked a healthy amount of tits.I have a theory that women who are comfortable with themselves and have a good outlook on life are more enjoyable to

What is the average bench press by age and weight?

Typically the average untrained man between ages 18-35 can bench around 40–60% of his Bodyweight for a one rep max.Between ages 35–50 that percentage would be around 35–50%.Between ages 50–60 for that percentage it's be around 30–45%.While the average untrained woman between ages 18–35 can bench around 25–40% of her Bodyweight for a one rep