Can workaholics be truly happy?

Happiness could be measure with the satisfaction one achieves in a day. Fulfilling responsibilities can yield true happiness. Life is a balancing act of various responsibilities of different nature in different stages of life. As far as responsibilities at home the nature is built to some extent much before entering working arena in cultivating habit that could be disciplined type or simply carefree type not much indulging in domestic chorus or support. These are the days we are preparing for the future adding with realistic or illusionary dreams.

Disciplined start working hard much earlier during graduation / post-graduation as they see very close entering the domain in the subject that would test their own mettle.

Workaholics could be of either trait to reach the pinnacle of happiness and other in different end of unhappiness.

The first category are those who have cultivated discipline habits and are honest in their responsibilities see the work place as true karma sheytra (work place) to groom oneself and are focused in the activities given. They become trusted people not simply for their sincerity but for their continuous contribution towards the betterment of organization selflessly. Many times such people pay less attention for family in their early profession which is subjective but their dedication takes them to a fame where their families end up getting the best nurturing possible without their being materialistic centric approach. It is the value they work with, practicing at home and work place they become a great guide or source of inspiration to others. Such workaholics can be boon and are satisfied which is supposed to be a higher state than merely being happy.

The second category; Many could be devoting too much at work to be viewed in this category have a different reasons like keeping the other responsibilities at bay (shedding responsibility), or have unknown fear of security for known or unknown reasons (knowing deficiency in self but not making enough effort for amending it) to name few. These traits can never allow focusing for bringing out the excellence except creating a false trust and would end up being unhappy at work and outside. They may not be able to come out of illusion unless something drastic happens in their life journey.

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