Can working out get easier by getting used to it?

I would say it becomes more natural and less awkward. If it is becoming "easier" then you may not be pushing yourself in an appropriate way. This doesn't mean you must go crazy intense, but what I mean is that if when you start working out, performing 3 sets of 8 reps of dumbbell bench press with 25 lb dumbbells is difficult, makes you sweat, and causes your arms and chest to get tired, and 3 months later you're still using 25 lbs for 3 sets of 8 and it is easier, this means you should be adding more weight and/or more reps. This progressive overload is a key component. Typically, you should attempt to add weight or add reps on the same exercise in subsequent sessions. Each program is different, so this may not apply all the time, but this is a general principle. If you lifted 50 lbs for 3 sets 10 reps last week and your program has you perform the same 3 sets of 10 on the same exercise, you may want to try for 55 lbs (or 12 reps instead of 10). If you are able to do this with good technique, the following week, try to increase again.

One way you can ensure progress and that your workouts don't get "easier" is to log your workout details. This is a very good habit to start. It's easy, won't take any additional time once you get the hang of it, and is extremely beneficial. I've written a short post 3 Reasons to Log Your Workouts where I explain this in a little more detail. You might find that helpful.

Why does forgiving is easier than forgetting?

Because what is seen as forgiveness is merely pardon and not forgiveness. Forgiveness forgets. Pardon prolongs and never forgets.The pardon we take for forgiveness is conditional, not full. It is a dismissive wave of the hand. It is egoic, in that it retains a sense of superiority over the

What is the purpose of sore muscles?

The reward is the adaptation. With exercise (mainly eccentric exercise), you will physically damage the muscle. This damage causes the release of many cytokines that promote swelling within the muscle. The combination of damage and swelling causes pain. The pain itself isn't really serving a purpose but the factors causing it are. The type

What's the best/most popular sports league in the world?

It would be either IPL or the newly introduced T10 cricket league.IPL is not only one of the most profitable domestic leagues but also one of the most star-studded and most watched across the Indian subcontinent and in Asia.It is also cash rich to a wide extent and will be getting even