Can you be both a working woman and a housewife simultaneously?

From what I understand, single parents (men and women) have a full-time job (and sometimes a part-time job or more than one part-time job instead of a full-time position to meet all of the bills), yet until the children get old enough to help around the house, those single parents are the miracle-workers who keep the household running - doing jobs like food shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning, getting their children to doctor appointments, sometimes meeting with school or pre-school staff, and as the children get a little older, shuttling the kids to various extracurricular activities.

So make some observations and see how many single-parent households exist in the U.S. today, and you should have your answer.

Who would win a fight between DC's Superman and Marvel's Sentry?

Depends on which Superman, and also which Sentry. But let's analyze their attributes and feats.Sentry has superior durability, taking regenerative abilities into account. He (usually) is, for all intents and purposes, immortal. He has survived complete obliteration. Sure, he can be killed, but he'll just keep coming back.Sentry is also an accomplished telepath, and

What are the biggest frustrations about US politics?

1) The Electoral Collegea. The Electoral College guarantees that partisan state legislatures can change the allocation of votes from region to region, giving one candidate a victory in the electoral college when it does not win the popular vote. b. The people are technically voting for the electors

For an obese person who has problems with regular exercise routine, like ankle pain from walking and back pain from ab exercises, what would be a good way to start building muscle to help with weight loss?

Building muscle is fine. It's very good for your health. But if you are obese and need to lose a considerable amount of weight, you need a good diet. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, in your case) exercise doesn't help much with weight loss.The best diet plan for you would be a low- to very low-carb diet. It's almost effortless