Can you become a chef if you only attended Culinary Arts in 1 year?

Absolutely. Unlike professions like doctors or lawyers, there is no schooling requirement for being a chef. There is, however, a very high standard for experience. If you work your way up through the ranks in a kitchen over several years, you have plenty of ground to stand on, and in comparison being a cooking school graduate may not get you too far if you aren't good at it.

I've been working at a cooking school for about 5 years now, and I've actually met chefs who prefer trainees who haven't been to culinary school, with the idea that in the current world - where there are so many dynamic changes and a strong focus on individuality and adaptation - having traditional methods instilled into you early can actually hinder you form learning by professional experience.

Yes, but it will take 6–10 years minimum of working in restaurants. I became a ‘chef' at 35 after working in restaurants off and on for 20 years. I ran the kitchen at a members only private sports club for a few years. I certainly wasn't the greatest chef ever but I knew how to organize events, control costs, hire staff and consistently prepare food that the membership and their guests enjoyed. Going into the gig I had about 8 years of accumulated kitchen experience and 10 of serving/bartending/floor management. After that gig I worked as the GM of a busy gastro-pub for 4 years before leaving the industry. I also became the ‘chef' of the gastro-pub as after hiring and firing several ‘chefs' it became easier to do the job myself.

A couple of the ‘chefs' I hired and fired were recent culinary school graduates who had no idea how to function in the real world. One ordered 4 cases (4 x 4.2l) of fairly pricey balsamic vinegar even though we only used 1–2 cups a week to make salad dressing. When I mentioned the concept of "dead stock" he looked at me like I had 2 heads. Restaurants are tricky businesses and you need to be very nimble with the money you spend. You can't learn that in school.

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What Causes Kidney Stones:Kidney stones are small granules of sand, tiny and sometimes it passes through when we urinate without making us any pain. But the problem arises when the stone is formed in big size and obstructs your urinary track and

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Since you're flying from MSP I'm assuming you're American. I don't think anything changes that drastically anywhere you go in the US that you'll be completely unable to figure out the different system.Anyway, it kinda depends what you want to do. If you want

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Do not come to SE of Turkey. PKK is planing to escalate tension. Pkk will start street fights Nowadays because it is getting hard lessons in syria now by Turkish backed FSA. USA government warned its citizens to leave SE of Turkey. I think they have something big