Can you build your back just doing barbell rows?

Yes, of course. However, using just one exercise won't allow you to achieve a complete back development. In developing a good back, you need to address two specific aspects, that is width and thickness. With barbell rows, you only achieve thickness in your upper and middle back, but you neglect width, which is developed through lat exercises, e.g. chin ups and pull downs, and lower back development, which is developed through (seated) low pulley rows.

When a narcissist goes back to his wife after an affair has ended, because a narcissistic injury was done, what are the chances of him going back to the affair partner even if he ended it?

The thing to understand about the NPD is that they always have someone on the back burner in case their major supply goes south. Really I think most of them never really end an affair. It might go underground, and You might not

What fad diets are actually beneficial?

Most fad diets aren't beneficial in and of themselves, but many have benefits. In fact, despite that there are thousands of diets out there, many of them actually promote some of the same basic principles. Eliminate sugar, trans fats and processed junk food. Eat your vegetables. Drink lots of water. Get some exercise.After that people get bogged

Why doesn't my wife talk to my family?

Before I answer I would like to ask a few self reflecting questions:What was the relationship between the family and her before marriage, and after?Is there any history of conflict between the two parties?Any gossips or innuendos that may have leaked from either party?If no such events took place, then you may need to pick up the issue with