Can you burn a 1000 calories in hour lifting weights?

No sorry buddy but weight lifting beside being an important component for achieving the body you desire it is not the most efficient way to burn calorie immediately.

the only activities i see capable of burning such a huge number of calories are :

1- Jump roping if you can keep a medium pace for an entire hour which damn hard and if you can pull you are a beast men

2- do 670 burpeens in 1 hour which is arround 11 burpees per mint , since burpees burn arround 1.5 calorie per rep you will burn a thousand calorie but dont get me wrong this a very tough task even for the most fit indivdual

if you ask me i would recommend 1 hour of jogging which will burn 600 calories and it is much easier and just cut the rest of calories from your diet.

If you want to burn fat, is it better to walk or run?

Elevating your heart rate to the so-called fat-burning zone (60-65% of your maximum heart rate) will result in 50% of the calories you burn coming from fat. Elevating your heart rate to the so-called cardio zone (80-85% of maximum heart rate) will result in about 40% of the

How does intermittent fasting increase metabolism?

Intermittent fasting in of itself does not increase metabolism unfortunately. The only ways to improve your metabolism is to exercise more, build more muscle, eat more food, or receive an additional organ.Many so called intermittent fasting

Is it good to do gym after running?

If you are asking for like weight training after a >2 mile run , then don't. Long distance running is an endurance excercise where nervous system works for a longer time with some intensity given by your pace of run. Whereas weight training is resistance training or strength training where you ask