Can you describe the creepiest person you have ever met?

The creepiest person I have ever met.... Definitely Greg* (name changed).

Greg was a classmate of mine when I was younger (12/13). He joined the school in the middle of the year. I barely saw him as he was in my friends class but the next year we ended up in the same class. For some reason he liked me. A lot...

Greg was the type of kid that when you meet you feel like there is something unsettling about him. He made inappropriate jokes that tended to be sexual or about shooting up the school (we are not in America by the way). He definitely seemed like the kind that would go on a shooting rampage. He was always acting very odd. He liked to make "slurpy" noises with his tongue. He also liked to sing sexual songs. He would constantly sing songs that were very clearly about sex and naked women. He also liked to make very sexual jokes and occasionally humped the classroom sofa.

It started off by him following me around. It was very creepy. I would be going around the playground with my friends and one of them would whisper "Hey, is that Greg over there? I think he's watching us." We would all look over and he would pretend to be busy with something.

Then he started getting touchy.

He always seemed to find every excuse to touch me. He would rub my arms, grab my hands, give me "massages", pat me on the head and would try and hug me. I wasn't exactly the type of kid that liked being touched much, but many years later I despise being touched by almost anyone. It just makes my skin crawl and I feel like he was part of the reason I feel this way now. For the record, I always told him to stop and leave me alone.

I got pretty good at avoiding him though which was good... For a while...

Our desks were randomly assigned. At the start of the year I had a pretty good spot, I ended up with my friends. I had swapped a couple of times and always ended up with rather good spots. But one day our teacher decided one day to do a desk swap that would end up lasting the entire term (A term is roughly 10 weeks)). She pulled names out of a glass jar. When she called my name I approached my new desk. Two of my male friends were sitting across from me. There was one desk left though, right next to me. Guess who ended up there? If you guessed Greg, you were a hundred percent correct... Being in close quarters with him was awful. He would side hug me, put his hand around my shoulders while we worked and other stuff like that. I tried to swap desks, but I wasn't allowed and I was told that "It'll be fine!"

I think being next to me throughout the entire school day had a bad effect on Greg's though. He started to get worse and more outrageous. For example, he started becoming more touchy and would frequently rub a hand on the side of his leg and sneak touches at my outer thigh while doing so. He also tried to strangle me with a plastic bag. Then he attempted to light my hair on fire. Yes, we had matches, it was for a science experiment with candles... I started dreading going to school.

This continued on for a while until I got the news he was leaving the country forever! I was ecstatic! The day the term ended I was so happy. He said to me "Try not to miss me too much babe!" (did I mention that he liked to call me, and only me, "babe"?). I told him very bluntly that I wouldn't miss him and said "Goodbye!" Very cheerfully I might add.

I have never heard anything about him and I hope I never will again for the rest of my life.

Update: I recently went to the school fair of my childhood school and one of my friends (whom I was wandering around with at the time) said that she had spotted someone that looked like Greg. We avoided him like the bubonic plague just to be sure. I believe that it was him, as last night (the day after the fair) I received a an email alerting that Greg had sent me a message. I decided that I would deal with it in the morning. I decided to show it to one of my closest friends. We looked at the message and were instantly uncomfortable. The message reads "Hello. Remember me?". I have decided to ignore it for now and if he sends anything else I will update this post. Also after the fair, I asked my mother if she remembered me telling her about Greg and she recalled that I only ever said that he was annoying and never told her the full extent of what he did. She was shocked when I told her what he used to do. I remember now that I, being the shy kid I was, was embarrassed of telling her about the stuff he did to me (I was also the kid that tried to hide my first period from my mother by pretending I had a large nosebleed...). I wish I had told her what he used to do to me.

This story gets creepier as it goes on, bear with me:

I've always been the kind of person who sympathizes with the reserved kids sitting alone in corners, as I was one myself. So, being in a classroom seat neighboring one of these shy guys, I decided to try and make an acquaintance of him while he scribbled comics into a notebook. I complimented his piece, and did not realize what an effect it had on him until the next class during a trigonometry test. He scratched something onto a scrap sheet and slid it to the corner of his table. At first I thought he might've been requesting some answers, but at second glance, I could see the bold arrow pointing towards me. "I like you a lot," it said. I chuckled and shrugged it off - to which he responded by adding, "I really mean it."

I've never rejected anyone, so I had no clue how to respond to him when the bell rang and decided I needed more time to think it out. Now, not to be rude, but this poor kid was the exact opposite of my type - a scrawny, little white boy with an afro and the personality of a rock. That's not to say I think he deserved to be alone, but I knew that I didn't want to be the one to keep him company when I caught him drawing me the next class while I was asleep. And the class after that. Yeah, don't expect me to stay alert through a two-hour trig class. Anyways, he handed me the second drawing and asked if I'd eat lunch with him. I somehow managed to stammer out an excuse both times he asked, and began to avoid him from then on.


Apparently, the class knew he liked me and thought I may have had feelings for him as I was the only one to treat him with kindness; it wasn't a surprise when, during an educational film, the desks all happened to shift away from this kid and I while I was at the bathroom. I had to listen to him telling me about his dogs and game developing skills for two hours. It was the most talkative he'd ever been, so I felt a bit guilty.

On my way outside of the school that day, he came up to me and talked to me about his suicidal tendencies for about 40 minutes while my mom waited for me to come outside. Obviously, I visited my counselor about this. She did absolutely nothing but humiliate the kid by calling him down while I was still seated with her and making him confess to following my group around while I was at lunch (very creepy if you ask me. He had been trying to catch me alone, which was why I always walked with friends. I'd been trying to avoid him), drawing me while I was sleeping, having suicidal tendencies, and crushing things out of anger (whenever he was mildly upset, he would break mechanical pencils, erasers, paper, etc). After that, she made him admit to having obsessive behavior - get ready for this - he told me that most of his passwords were my name, he wrote my name over and over, and that I was the subject of many short stories he wrote. Yeah, I'm flattered (sarcasm), but no thanks.

Fortunately, this was nearing the end of school, so I was able to ignore him until then - but I was feeling really guilty and scared the whole time (I hadn't meant to cause him so much stress and trauma, and what if I'd triggered a suicidal response?). This year, however, I have no classes with him at all - so maybe my counselor was good for something. He is doing fine, I often see him in the halls and he seems to be spending time with a girl I used to know - she has a similar disposition. This could be good for both of them I guess, but to me, he was definitely the creepiest kid I've ever encountered.

Edit: Thanks for the upvotes! Here are some honorable mentions:

I met a girl in my P.E class who became quite attached to me. She would sit in corners and tickle her hair while whispering, "tickle, tickle." In fact, she was obsessed with her hair and the fact that she had a boyfriend. She could talk for hours about her personal achievements or her lack of split ends. She would also be the last one to change in the lockeroom, preferring to wander about in her underwear while having full conversations with uncomfortable people. She honestly believed she could sing perfectly and would spontaneously burst into song without breaking eye contact with me, not even to blink (until she finally had to). She was nice, but incredibly awkward in social situations.

Finally, The girl spending time with the first creepy kid I mentioned, literally worshipped a fictional goddess character in her book, and would invite me to perform rituals with her for the goddess. Not my cup of tea, thanks.

Yes, my buddy whom I am very concerned about.

My story might sound a little long but I will try to cut it short.

I don't want to disclose personal information about him, but before I will go to creepy stories, let me describe him.

He is incredibly smart. He majors in Mathematics. He has very good memory because every time he asked me a word in Russian language, he remembered from the first attempt, and could name it year later. He can read law article once and then quote the whole article couple month later. He reads LAW ARTICLES for FUN. Literally, I saw him in the library many times reading Law books and oxford dictionary for entertainment.

He also loves guns.... He has about 7 different guns and he obsessed with them. He cleans them every other day (!?). No need to say that he has dozens of books about guns.

Sometimes he does things that doesn't make any sense. For example, he had cups at home and jar from pickles. Instead of using cups, every time he used pickle jar to drink water. I asked him: hey man, why don't you just take a cup? Why pickle jar?

He always would reply with something like: both jar and cup have the same shape and made of glass. It's semantics.

Ugh, yeah, I guess?

Once we were walking to his car and he saw a spoon on the ground. Spoon looked good but it seemed like it was used to cook drugs (it was next to other drug related things)
- Man, what are you doing? Why the hell do you need this spoon? You have plenty of those at home
- I just like it. I will take it
- Man, it's dirty. You don't know what was it used for. It might have some germs, infections on it. Who knows?
- That's fine. I will put it in boiled water and then clean with detergent. After disinfection it would be clean.
- ???! Man, that's just weird and gross but whatever!

Okay, now more about his creepy part....

He saw one girl on campus and he wanted to talk to her. But he was hesitating, so he found her e-mail, because she was a member of campus feminist club, and she had her email on the page.

Well.....what do you think he wrote her?

He wrote her something: "Hey, I am X and I saw you on campus. I really liked you. I want to have a dinner with you. I know that you advocate women rights so I would like to meet with you so we can talk about abortions".

I felt very sorry for that girl. She didn't respond him. I don't know what happened again, but I heard that he walked to her in the library and asked her why she didn't reply him and things like that. She called campus police and they restricted him to talk with her.

I tried to talk to him and explain why his actions were inappropriate but he failed to understand. He was saying: "I just wanted to talk with her, I don't understand why call police? What's wrong?".

The next story I heard about him is that he was taking Latin class and there were a girl next to him. He had birthday and he invited her to come over. She replied that she doesn't really know him and she wouldn't be comfortable doing that because she has boyfriend.

I didn't come to his birthday either because I was working and because I didn't feel like I wanted to.

When he got home he texted her on the phone. She didn't reply him.

Next day, he walked into the class and in front of everyone yelled at her: "You didn't come to my birthday! I wanted to see you but you refused, so I spend my birthday alone! You are heartless". By that time, campus police came again and took him away from classroom.

He was no longer a student, so he moved to another city where he was accepted in University.

From what I heard, he was expelled from there too, for some similar story. I know for sure that campus police took him out of the library because he was staring at some girl for several days till she called campus police. But there was some another story why he was kicked out again, I don't know details

Okay, now some of you might wonder why did I talk to him from the beginning?

Well, first of all, despite his creepiness and his weird behavior he is incredibly knowledgeable over various subjects. You can ask him everything - about history of the US, Laws, Mathematics, Physics, Religion, Philosophy. You will have feeling if you are talking with somebody who holds PhD in all those areas. In some way talking to him is like talking to Hannibal Lector.

We stopped talking after he made several racist remarks in conversation towards my Asian girlfriend. That pissed me off and I don't talk to him anymore.

Well, anyhow. I think it's just a matter of time before he will do some sort of mass shooting. I think he falls perfectly under that profile: He is refused by society, he has high IQ but low EQ. Girls hate him, he loves guns and has obsession with them.

The question is only.... when will that happen?

I wouldn't be surprised if one day FBI will knock my door and ask me: ‘Sir, are you familiar with person called X?" - "Yes, why?" - "Please, come with us".

P.S.: If you are professional psychologist or psychiatrist, what can you say about him from professional point of view?

I lived in this exact condominium years ago. I was 8 years old.

About fourteen years ago, I worked at a circuit-training gym. Having no vehicle, nor a driver's license, I would walk to work. It was only about three blocks from where I lived. There was a high school in another direction, some four or five blocks from my house. This fact becomes semi-pertinent a bit later.

One afternoon, on my way to work, I was intercepted by a man going in the opposite direction. He was riding on an adult tricycle along the sidewalk. He looked as though he may have been in his mid-thirties to early-forties. I confess I am terrible at guessing ages, but he was visibly older than I was at the time by at least a decade. His hair was mussed, in dire need of a comb, and his beard was patchy and short. In terms of oral and personal hygiene, he appeared to be a week or so into being 'between residences'.

He stopped just ahead of me and said hello. I replied in kind, and moved to carry on in the direction I was headed. He asked, "Want to be my friend?" He didn't wait for a reply before he removed a wallet from his pocket, and produced a five dollar bill. "Here. You can have this."

I declined politely, and stated, "I'm going to be late. I can't stay and talk." I was already visually determining how far off the sidewalk I would need to move in order to pass by him out of arm's range.

He quickly followed up with, "Maybe we can hang out later. We can meet here again." I was ready with an answer when the question that left him next made me rethink what I had planned to say.

"Are you fifteen?"

Noooope. Tack on five years, buddy. I'm older than I look. And yes, I AM carrying a backpack. But not because I'm still in high school - like the one down the street, that had gotten out about an hour ago. I planned on reading and/or writing while things were slow at the gym.

But I didn't say any of that because I was now curious in equal measure to being grossed out. I said nothing, but shook my head.

He tried again, "Fourteen?" He sounded -- hopeful! Ugh, were his eyes actually glinting, or was I imagining things?

Before I could respond, he said, "Let's meet up tonight and we can hang out."

Morbidly curious, and wanting to know how much of a creep this dude really was, I answered in a way that I thought would have the most impact. "Sorry, but my mom doesn't want me talking to strangers."

His answering smile made me want to call the cops right then and there. And his answer told me what I wanted to know. "We don't have to tell her. You can come back later, and I'll keep it a secret." Oh, I just bet you would... ya sicko. I'll pass on the molestation with a possible side of murder, thanks.

I switched gears, doing away with the "innocent, naïve lil' me" act, and said with a disgusted sneer, "I'd sooner chew my own hand off at the wrist, you fucking degenerate. Better get moving. The cops are already on their way." I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket, and lifted it to my ear, asking, "Did you get all of that?"

It was a bluff, but he didn't seem to be the sharpest thorn in a rosebush, and sure enough he pedaled like a man possessed. I did call the police as soon as I'd gotten to the gym. No idea if anything ever came of the report, however. I was never called in for an ID or follow-up statement.

He lived across our house. I was 8 or 9. He was mid 20.

He live with parents. Their house was small and dark. Maybe it was not, but that is the impression on me. His mother was a nice lady, a little too old for her age; she had a big lump in her back. His father, I have no idea. He was almost invisible.

There was a small alley next to their house that leads to the back door. It was also a part of the house, and was extremely dark.

Ok, done with the setup. Now the man. He was always home. He did not go to school, nor work. It seemed like his mother was the sole provider of that household. Sometimes his friends came by, and they all looked like they do nothing all day but hanging out and clubbing.

For some reason, that man got an interest in me. 9 year old girl that lives across his house.

I used to always play in my balcony after coming home from school. Mostly to sing, or to read. And one day, he waved me from his balcony. He gave me signs, or drew things on a piece of paper so I could guess what he was saying. I replied the same way. Yes, it was exactly like Taylor Swift and her hotboy neighbor in You belong with me.

We talked more, and I was excited to come home to talk that way. I just thought it was so cool. There was this time while we were "talking", I saw some girl in his room, only a little older than me. I thought "Wow he loves kids".

Now, I have not mentioned the big front yard that we (many households) shared. It was a big space, and I loved playing there after nightfall, to look at the stars. Then one night, he waved me. It was around 7 only, and I was just playing in front of my own house only, so it did not feel any weird. He asked if I wanted to see his house. There was also another little girl, who was also my neighbor, so I thought why not - he seemed cool with kids. I followed him to the dark alley that I thought would lead to the back door, but as soon as we were out of everyone's sight, completely in the dark, he turned me around, held me from the back, put his hand in my pant, and played with my vagina.

I did not know why.

My parents, mostly mom, used to clean my private part for me when I was little, but it was long ago. "Why is he touching my vagina?" Right then, I heard my Mom call, and I answered. He withdrew his hand. The other girl, standing behind him the whole time, laughed and told me "I touched his penis". It was all strange to me.

It took me two years to fully understand I was most likely sexually abused, and that man was a pedophile. That girl who touched his penis, judging from her words, it must not be her first time. She lived right next to his house and it was a broken home...

We moved out of that house one year later. When I was 11 or 12, I was sitting inside the house. Parents were not home, and sister was taking shower. Suddenly I saw through the window the little light from a lighter. As I came closer to look, I saw him.

He followed me here.

I calmed myself, turned back to the living room and acted like I saw nothing, assure myself that the door was locked. I hoped he would leave. He did. I never saw or heard about him again.

But he was creepy. And molested me.

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