Can you describe yourself as an emotion?

I am generally sad, depressed, yadda yadda...but I hide it so I appear to be a pretty normal person. Inherited depression. Yay!

I can also be a pretty jealous person, which I hate sometimes. It makes me feel so guilty and cruel. But I think a lot of it has to do with lack of self-esteem, so I'm jealous of everyone.

I am not a "hot-head". I generally just cry when I am wicked angry, rather than yell and freak out. I don't get angry that easily. But I've been there, we all have. I am relatively calm, though, besides being sad a lot of the time. I am anxious, but again I don't show it.

Why were Thranduil's family heirloom jewels in Erebor?

TL;DR: the white gems of Lasgalen were in the original story one of the Silmarils, but that's an anachronism. So to circumvent this PJ & Company invented the white gems of Lasgalen. These were sent to Erebor to be made into wonderful jewels, but they were not

Were Pixar animators unhappy to work on Cars 2?

This is just speculation - but Cars isn't really about the movie franchise as much as it is about selling toys. It's seen as the worst Disney movie franchise as far as movie quality. The reason they keep it alive is because it's literally in a class of its own for follow-on revenue when you factor

Can we do a hotel management course after the 10th class?

After completing your 10th, you can join diploma programme. Hotel management is emerging as a popular choice among Indian students. This sector is generating decent job opportunities. In India, travel and tourism sector is growing at a rapid pace. Travel and