Can you develop ambition?

Picking up the way of the warrior. Many cultures have warriors and many teach the disciplines of mind over matter.

Know that the best sword. is one kept sheathed. Until the time is right.

Understanding that it is more important to be a warrior in the garden then to be a gardener in war.

To know yourself is to know the true enemy.

To calm ones mind in the midst of chaos is to take advantage of disorder.

To make the final blow is to allow your opponent to open their own mistakes and steps.

Understand the field and rules of battle. When out numbered use their numbers against them. When you over power the enemy be prepared for an ambush.

The arts of war and discipline are deeply coincided with love and harmony within ones thoughts.

Have no fear of death but know it is as inevitable as cherry blossums falling.

The way of the warrior has many steps and directions.

Which countries use the US dollar as their national currency?

The US dollar is the official currency of the following countries:EcuadorEl SalvadorMarshall IslandsMicronesiaPalauPanamaTimor-LesteThe United States (obviously)It is also used several non-US territories, such as the British Virgin Isles, Caribbean Netherlands, and Turks & Caicos Islands.

How to ride a bicycle with gears

Assuming your bike has a regular drive train, gears usually look like this:Your right hand shifter controls your rear derailleur. This relates to the position of your chain in your rear wheel cassette.Your left hand side shifter controls your front derailleur. This relates to the position of your chain in your

Does hard work really pay off?

Yes. Hard work and consistency pays off.This is a story of 8 years which began when I joined a coaching institute in Kota, Rajasthan.18 Apr 2011: A green 16 year old steps into the heat of Kota, leaving his home, having a dream to join a top IIT. In the entrance test, I was in the top 5 of