Can you do free weight exercises with heavy things with handle instead of weights?

No. Not really. You shouldn't.

First, because dumbbells and barbells are balanced. You are lifting weights very near of the maximum capacity of your bigger muscles. An imbalance might put a sizeable chunk of that weight in some small auxiliary muscle, and that will ensure some kind of lesion.

Also, you need to learn proper form, the correct way to lift those extreme weights. Is hard enough to learn with proper equipment; much worse to learn with improvised implements.

Look, lifting weights is wonderful, and very, very healthy and rewarding done properly and with security. If you do that with weird equipment, and without proper form, chances are that you'll be injured in some way in less than a month; either that, or you'll be lifting too light, and doing nothing but waste time and effort.

What clothes should women wear to the gym?

Getting a right outfit for wearing at the gym is a bit difficult, it may require some attempt but once you find it you will get into a body which is fit in shape with ease of comfort.At the gym one has to do several activities

Can someone who has lost love with a particular person love the same, again?

Such a scenario is not impossible.It may happen especially when you have spent quality time together and the memories are deep embedded in your mind. In such situations its too difficult to get out in a small period of time.But time eventually heals everything.And the answer to your question is a 100% YES..

I am a fat person with not much body strength. I want to be fit. Who can suggest some gym routines for the same?

The thing is, people who are "naturally thin" don't have anything that you don't have. They aren't using magical means to stay thin - but rather they are usually DOING things differently than a person who struggles with weight.They have deeply ingrained habits that prevent them from gaining weight - just like you and others