Can you ever completely stop loving someone and have no feelings for them if you did truly love them?

If you truely love someone it will never end may it be in the worst situtions of your life, or the best moments.

True love does not have conditions ,restrictions or any limits, its a never ending feeling. It continues also when that relationship does not persist as a relationship and love both are two different things.

When you truely love somebody you would neglect there negative aspects. The pain you get out of there presence will be just some temporary negative feelings. When you say true love its when you think that love is unconditional, which also includes not expecting anything in return, Time cannot hinder the feeling of true love, nor situations or places or people or distance. Love is something which is yours and throughly yours its a feeling which completely is personal and stays unaffected by people's opinions or behaviour or there feelings towards you.

If its true love It will never end or Fade, it something which is ever greens and fresh.

No I can't!

We do get attached to the people easily but loving someone to the peak is a rare case.

I know very well that I won't be able to get over my love because I will always push my limits for my loved one and that someone will be very precious to me.

If in case I am betrayed in love (I really hope that day never come), I won't be able to smile back, because for me love is an emotional attachment which connects two souls and after being betrayed in love, some part of that soul will always remain inside me and it will keep hurting me for my whole life.

It doesn't mean that time will cease or I will be dead after just means that my faith in love will get vanished but in some corner of the heart, the impression of my previous love will remain preserved.

So, It's easy to fall in love but it's not at all easy to stop loving someone whom you really loved.

Enjoy life!

Honest answer is we can't make it disappear completely. We just have to learn to live with that pain. The heart always wants what it wants, the problem is to silence the mind!

If you love her/him truly, then it is really difficult to get over her/him and get over that love. There is no easy way to unlove a person and it is not a cake walk. Accept that your feelings for her/him are true, deep and real and acknowledge and feel that emotion. Feel that love and also feel that pain completely.

Then wish her/him well and try to stay away for you want her/him to be happy, if you truly love her/him. Don't fake your feelings. Cry if you want to, get angry if you want to, but process all those emotions fully. Time may lessen the pain. Have this in mind that you will never be completely over her/him, but you will have to start to learn to live with it. I can completely empathize with you and I know that pain as I have been going through the same for more than three long years. It is tough. But in my case, I want her to be happy even if it doesn't involve being with me. Love is about wanting the other to be happy, not about possession. My two cents.

You never heal completely from breaking up with your true love especially if you still love them and they were the one who initiated the breakup and left. You will only learn to live with that pain with time.

The heart always wants what it wants. The problem is to silence the mind. Accept that unrequited love is really painful. Move on for now and if it is true and meant to be, it will definitely be someday.

Unrequited love is really painful. Especially if your feelings are genuine and you love him/her to the truest of your senses. It kills you everyday to realize that he/she doesn't love you back yet. And worse is getting ignored. But the thing about love is, it is always unconditional. You love him/her because you want to, not because you want him/her to love you back. That's what love is all about. Just be true to your feelings and try to stay away from him/her in order to avoid the pain.

Unrequited love is one of the most painful things we can ever experience. It's not even like getting over a dead person. Getting over someone you love truly is an extremely difficult task. Someday your heart will learn to live with it. It may not completely move on, but it will try to heal and live with it.


Care is sometimes misunderstood as pestering.

Love is sometimes misunderstood as pestering.

Not moving on is sometimes misunderstood as weakness.

Not letting go is sometimes misunderstood as stubbornness.

Take care and learn to live with that pain. It will get better with time.

Yes absolutely, we can stop loving someone, it's just ,at what point in life and on what grounds you both decided to end the relationship, if it was on mutual consent then surely one or the other day in future, those memories will hunt u down, if the separation was because of untold reasons and till this day you are unaware of them and they remain a mystery and that breakup made your life miserable, I suppose you got pretty valid reasons to move on in life and add that part of your life to the archives of memories to be forgotten.

Everyone perceives their breakup as a unique one, it's just the matter of how you take it forward, if you use that as a platform to show your helplessness in life then you become vulnerable to ur past life and start finding a way to be happy, this is the crucial point, if u turn back at the girl or the boy you loved, then your emotional distress will make u fall in love again with that person, the other way you can act upon breakup is to believe in it, believe and reaffirm yourself that its past and u must let it go, time will do the rest for you, and soon you will get busy in your life, few times surely you will think of the unshared reason, but the person you loved might have faded away..

Love is either forever or never. Either you love them or you don't. Love don't work that one day I love you and one day I don't. Love isn't a game. You can get confused you can get angry at someone that is possible but that doesn't mean you don't love them. It just means you're confused and you dont know what they intended. Sometimes someone will do something out of love for your own good and you don't like it that doesn't mean you dislike them you just dislike being confused. You just dislike not knowing the full satisfying truth. Love doesn't mean I like what's happening. Love comes with lots of ups and downs. Ist about sticking around and staying together through the thick and thin. Not just walking away when things get hard or if things don't go your way. That's called selfishness. Not love.

I've loved him for 7 years and I just can't stop.

I first met this guy 7 years ago. We ran into each other a lot. I didn't have any feelings for him then partly cause I knew my bestfriend was totally into him and I wasn't attracted to him either. Then just one day, I saw his friend nudged him with I passed by and it dawned on me that he actually liked me and made a move. He walked over while I was talking to a mutual friend of ours and he tried to talk to me. I was too shy and didn't know what to say so I didn't. It was then I started to catch feelings for him. 3 years later I had a swimming party at my house and our mutual friend invited him over. It was only then we became friends from being acquainted with each other. There were special moments where even our friends noticed that there was something going on but never confessed how we felt about one another. I was afraid that I might harm the friendship we had with our clique and I reckon he wasn't that into me afterall to admit. No hard feelings but till today, I truly love him. Till today, I still have regrets not responding when he made a move then. I lost the opportunity.

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