Can you exercise directly after eating?

The words 'body is fit you hit' And so the body needs fitness to keep fit. Regular body exercises should be done regularly to survive. But when and when to do it, many do not know. ABM Abdullah, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, said, "It is important to exercise to keep the body healthy. But during the exercise many people fall into adversity. Someone may wish but can not take time. When you get time, you can not understand whether it is okay to exercise. It is not only regular exercise but also the body that is healthy. '

It's okay to exercise at any time, and when to exercise

Exercise can be done in the morning after sleeping. After a long time sleeping exercises can be kept fast in the morning.

Even before the evening, it is appropriate time to practice afternoon. As the exercise causes sweating of the body, it is better to exercise in soft weather.

Exercise at noon or more heat can easily feel tired. So it is better not to exercise during this time.

Many people can not get busy for the whole day, they exercise at night. There is no problem in this.

Those who live in the house all day, they can exercise at any time if they want.

It is not good to eat too many meals during exercise. Benefits of getting light food, such as exercising by eating a banana or biscuit, will be beneficial.

Many exercises in the morning after returning to the house after many exercises. There is no use of exercise in this.

Those who exercise regularly, they should keep an eye out for food if they spend more time retiring or going somewhere. If you plan to stay for a long time, you may be able to exercise a little while.

It is not good to drink excess water before or after exercise. After exercise you can take a little rest and then drink water.

It is better to exclude sweet food, soft drinks, fast food etc. as much as possible from the food menu. Because, after eating these foods your exercise will be in vain.

There is no need to exercise if you are sick. Exercise should be done without the advice of a pregnant physician especially.

You should talk to a doctor for any type of exercise or diet plan.


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