Can you explain how to use Olymp Trade, I just finished signing up?

Actually it is quite easy to use, in fact Olymp Trade's platform is the easiest of all. Their platform enable us to do everything in ease. I got some tips on starting up trading on Olymp Trade platform:

1. First, the graph
The graph n Olymp Trade's platform has the biggest part on the platform. It shows the movement of the price of an asset in real time. After you deciding the asset you want to use, you can choose from several type of graph; Japanese candle, line, bar and Heinken Ashi. You can also decide the time frame you want to use.

Note: Olymp Trade provides 60+ assets that we can choose; currency pairs, cryptos, commodities, indices and exchange traded stocks.

2. Closing time
Now it is time to decide the duration of our trade. The shortest duration you can chose on Olymp Trade's platform is 1 minute

3. Investment
Decide how much money you want to invest on that particular trade. Do not forget about your money management. It is important not to use more than 10% of your total capital per trade.

4. Analyze the price movement using your trading strategy, which can be learned on Olymp Trade's education page then decide to whether the price will go up (GREEN) or go down (RED).

How to make my own anime show

Start small I guess.... make some concept art and gather some friends.start by drawing some manga and make like a web comic of some sort. Let people comment and critique ur comic and improve on it. If it gets popular enough people might make donations and support

How did you get diagnosed as a clinical psychopath, sociopath, or ASPD?

Athena Walker's answer to What is the process for getting diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder?Well first, you have to have a reason to have this done. For a good number of us this is done because we got ourselves in trouble in some form or another, and evaluation is determined to be necessary.Psychopaths, a smaller subsection

I'm feeling so depressed and I don't feel any interest in life. What should I do now?

You have an identity outside of all this. So just reconnect with what makes you happy: interests, hobbies, friends. Good things will follow in due course. Start something new and stop dwelling and thinking about your past relationship. Do not underestimate the power of this first step to transform