Can you gain muscle without gaining weight?

Yes but only in very certain circumstances. It requires losing larger amounts of fat at the same time as muscle is more dense than fat.

The first time I did the ketogenic diet I had not been training for a couple months, lost muscle and gained fat. This is the type of situation where it is possible. The result was over 8 weeks I maintained my weight almost exactly, lost 3% body fat and gained a couple kg of muscle.

If you are obese, untrained and have very little muscle and you do some hard training with a high protein diet and cut out all the crap you are normally eating you will likely lose a lot of fat and gain a lot of muscle for several weeks.

On the other hand if you are normal to lean, somewhat muscular and train regularly you will find it very difficult to gain muscle without gaining some fat.

Why do you eat organic food and how can you be assured its better for you?

40 years ago I fell for the organic hype and kept an enormous garden and apple orchard trying to replicate what the Rodales promised in their popular advice of the day. And then I went back to school, studied botany, biology, horticulture and agriculture. Eventually I became a professional grower.

What was a choice you made that completely changed your life?

"Oh, I forget, you don't even know. I have terminal Stage 4 Cancer," he said.My friend had popped up on my text just a few hours before this. You around later?Sure.We hadn't seen or spoke to each other in 18 years.It's because I hold grudges. 18 years

Why is depression considered a mental illness?

This one's pretty simple. Let's have a list:First off, Depression is understood to have biochemical consequences for the brain, insofar as those suffering from it have been found to have lowered neurotransmitter levels in the brain, below baseline ‘normal'. This alone would be sufficient to classify it as a physical illness: it would