Can you get fit by just walking the stairs?

Walking or running up and down stairs will certainly improve your cardiovascular fitness and add strength and endurance to your legs.

Depending on the size of the stairs you may be able to take them two or three at a time. If you wanted to and were in a suitable place, you could carry a set of dumbbells to intensify the workout. Like when sprinting uphill, even without dumbbells, the exercise will also act as a shoulder workout when you drive with your arms to aid the momentum.

I have just read the book of the great footballer Kevin Keegan, who followed a teammate's example when playing for Scunthorpe of running stadium steps carrying dumbbells. This was after noticing that the man had giant calf muscles.

Compared to somebody who doesn't exercise and even a person who does formal exercise at a gym and doesn't push themselves, an individual who regularly uses stairs is going to be much fitter, often with the bonus, when doing so at work, of being paid to exercise!

Is it bad if I don't eat after working out 1 day every week?

Trying to lose that winter weight? lol, we all are, But doing it your way will do more harm than good. Ever see a Gator-aid commercial? Your body loses minerals and you need to replace them to keep your muscles up to speed. after a workout. Not eating,

Why might your oblique abdominal muscles be really sore after using the rowing machine or the seated row machine?

The row machine actually does engage your core. So if you don't usually target your obliques in other exercises, they will be sore.It is like doing push ups and the next day your arms are really sore. The push up mainly targets your chest, but it also engages your arm muscles. So if your arms