Can you get free legal advice for divorce?

Possibly. The best thing to do is to contact the local bar association (just Google the name of the County or Biggest city near you, for instance around here I would Google "Birmingham Bar Association" and go from there.)

From there, call them and ask if they have a pro bono program, or if there are any other pro bono programs in your area.

But definitely, don't let the fact that legal representation can cost money prevent you from looking for an attorney. Family law attorneys will work with you on fees if they can, and will refer you to another attorney if they can't.

Good luck.

What are names of the reference books of social science class 10 CBSE?

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How will 1,000 jump ropes every day for a month change my body?

Skipping rope is my favorite conditioning exercise. 1,000 skips a day isn't really enough for conditioning- we're only talking about 8 minutes of activity here. But, it will have other benefits.It will improve your agility. You'll learn to move your feet faster. You'll have an easier time

What is the best way to start doing pull-ups and get good at it?

Some TipsTrain Australian pullups . they are a great prerequsite and train the back muscles for pullups later Flexed pullup hangs (holding the chin at the top of the bar) and Negatives (jumping to the top of the pullup position , and slowly lowering down)Use the