Can you give me some basic everyday life hacks?

I can't but the people at lifehacks, boredpanda and 100lifehacks can!

What will happen to FD interest rates in next 3 years? Will it decrease or increase?

It will decrease.I will give reasons in very simple language.The inflation rate is reducing. The bankers have not reduced lending rates in proportion to reduction in Repo rate declared by RBI in the last one/two years. There is, therefore, room for reduction. Interest on deposits is reduced when interest on lending is reduced.The central government

Is social media good or bad?

In the world of digitization, social media plays a very important part in getting connected with people in remote places as well as reaching out to your targeted audiences in terms of your business.Social media is what you make out of it and how you use it.Benefits· Connects people· Equal voice·

How to do a hard reset of an iPad

Simply press and hold Sleep/Wake button and Home button together for at least 10 seconds until apple logo appears.