Can you hate Japan but love anime?

Not likely. Anime, especially those made in Japan, tend to focus a lot on Japanese culture and their ways of life. So you are constantly remedied that it is Japanese just by their actions and customs presented in their cartoons.

There are some Japanese anime that don't focus on their culture, and there are some anime that aren't made in Japan. But overall, I think you have to love, or at least accept, Japan and its culture in order to really love anime.

Why am I only accumulating fat in my abdominal area?

Usually, when an ectomorph gains extra pounds, they go to the belly.Men and women alike add belly (and delete butt!) during middle age.Fat deposits show up in different places on different people. Everyone is genetically programmed to store extra fat in specific areas of their build; these areas vary, person

What habits have changed people's lives?

When I was 17, I was fired from my job as a tuxedo salesperson for missing a rotation. I was devastated. Guess what? I bounced back. I got accepted into a 1 year training program at a Fortune 100 company shortly after

Why does my butt hurt when I ride a stationary bike?

That could be several things. The saddle is a wide padded thing. Those lead to chafing and your weight compresses the padding which is then pushing up on your tender parts. The saddle is not at the correct height and fore/aft position. The last