Can you help me in weight gain with Indian diet plan?

I had the same issue but i came upto know that i was lacking in diet thought i thought that i was eating enough. First of all make sure that you eat more than you required. U can know your daily required calories by your activity on google easily. Then u need to take more atleast 1000cal per day.

Do regular exercise not very heavy dont go for too heavy weight lifting or strenous exercise. Increase your diet slowly and steadily force yourself daily to eat more than the previous day and also increase the intake of WATER..

Here is a secret recipe for you to start with.. after exercise take this shake every morning !glass full cream MILK, 4eggs and 3–4 banas a, 4 almonds 2 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon peanut butter. Apart this take full three meals whatever you like.

Dont forget to eat Fruits in between meals.

within 1.5 month you can gain 10kg for sure GUARENTEED

What makes Indian women desperate to get married after 28?

Thanks A2A.Let you give you references of 3 of my friends.Friend who is 33 un-married (Bangla),Team member who was 36 un-married (Kannadiga),Very close friend/senior in college around 31 un-married (Tamilan).Friend1: Top Manufacturing Company Senior HR.She is looking for a proposal for the last 6

What would be a good warm up and cool down for a Hypertrophy session of curl and pull ups, dumbbell flies, incline bench press, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell press?

The warm up for any weight training is to get the heart rate up and your blood flowing thereby warming up your muscles and facilitating the start of your exercise with less risk of injury. Muscles dislike sudden unusual stress when they are cold. Five minutes on the elliptical at moderate pace is enough to

Can you have healthy eyes but have one eyes vision slightly less sharp and bright?

Yes you can. Most people have different visual acuity in both eyes and no problem. It becomes an issue if the difference between them is quite significant. This can lead to difficulty in the brain fusing the images from both eyes to form a single image. Thereby