Can you hurt yourself by working out at age 80?

I had 3 workouts today. I rode my Me-Mover scooter to the health club to weight train and back I also had a fairly heavy workout routine. I increased the weight on a "Leverage" brand chest exercise machine and did dumbbell flyes along with high rows, then stretched on a Precor unit.

You shouldn't have difficulty if you first get a medical check-up, then when approved, start slow and work up to the weight you feel comfortable with.

As far as aerobics, check out a Me-Mover scooter Me-Mover FIT - Outdoor Training Stepper Machine by Me-Mover which for me is one of the best exercise machines that I've been using for 3 years. I'm 81 years old and continue to enjoy anaerobic, and aerobic training as long as I keep remembering my age when working out.

Is 'same-sex marriage' an oxymoron?

In Spain, yes and no. The government treats our marriage the same as everyone else. They use conyuge as a specific word on forms, but it has always been this way as I understand it, even before same-sex marriage came about in 2005.The issue is that at times, Partido Popular (and other more extreme minor right wing

What does it take to marry an Indian girl?

Depends which kind of a girl you are looking for. For the likes of me-No addictions. I do not think smoking is cool, and you are out of my life if you smoke. Yes, that's unfair, but I do not want my husband, and most importantly, my kids' father, to

What are Russian people like?

There's M. She is on the chubby side and has an impressive crown of curly hair on her head. She is a natural leader, commandeering and calm at the same time. She is also a great dancer and tells amazing jokes.There's T. He has a stocky build