Can you imagine yourself ever being happy again?

Life is a journey whereby the experiences, the encounters, difficulties among others create the personality of the human being. Happiness is among the desired items of the human nature. Happiness is not a definite state, it is an on going process whereby on a particular day, you shall be happy, feeling satisfied of achieving something, however, the very next moment, you encounter a situation whereby the consequences of the latter destroy all the happiness you have previously experienced.

Becoming happy is a pursuit, pretty much like the movie "Pursuit of Happyness". You cannot really attain true happiness in this world since your encounter with other human beings will destroy at some point in time the happiness gained once.

Happiness can be achieved momentarily through accomplishment of good acts, a meeting with another human being, helping someone in great difficulty, but you should never ever expect to be happy forever. Life is made up of ups and downs, with moments of prolonged sadness, short happiness period, indecisive moments, among other emotional periods. You should never be discouraged however, of not being happy. A believer should never be satisfied of life in this world, as it is said, down here, on Earth, life is like a prison for a true believer.

Remember, the word "hell" which better explains the fact, that like a prisoner, is free to move around the prison cell, but within a definite perimeter and not to the full extend of personal desire.

Happiness is more precious than any other feelings including love, affection, and it is something which so much desired that it is not permanent.

Happiness comes in a limited number of forms.

Your personality is such as to not care about what is in the real world and, you are a naturally happy person. EXTREMELY RARE!

Lack of Worry. This sometimes is seen, in both real life and, entertainment as a sign of insanity or, too stupid to know what is around you or even drug induced.

Contentment with your profession. You must be in a situation where you are pursuing your goals and, comfortable in your existence, paid to do that which you love to do! Someone else is footing the bills or, taking care of all the minutia of existence.

Many believe that the last moments of a persons life are when one actually achieve happiness, as there is no going back. Very much like being a Paratrooper, when you exit the door on you jump, most relax and enjoy the view as you can not go back inside the plane. Ergo, happiness. Try it, you will like it. Enjoy the ride!

for the longest time I thought being adjusted was as good as it gets but lately I think I have achieved a measure of satisfaction/ happiness

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