Can you inspire me to build a muscular body without consuming suppliments?

1)To be straight honest, you have to accept the fact that these physiques like lazar cannot be acheived without the use of body enhancing drugs or 'steroids' for the matter of fact, let alone supplements. Also even if you take these drugs, you still need to have that kind of symmetrical genetics in order to acheive a good shape which everyone dosent posess.

2) To obtain and maintain such a physique, bodybuilding has to be your life and not 'just' a part of your life, with that i mean every priority in is your life is secondary and revolves around this being the central thing.

3) Its your macros that matter at the end of the day. So, supplements arent necessary at all, they are just there to make it much easier and convenient for you to fulfill your macros.
So, in simple words, if you are to get 200g of protein in a given day, fulfilling it with either natural food, or whey protein wont make much difference, the important thing is 200g are being fulfillled, whey just makes that target much easier to acheive as it is 80-90%protein by weight.
also keeping a track of your total calories as per your goal is important.

For more information reading about IIFYM Law on the internet would help you understand the basics. Bodybuilding .com forums are a good place to start learning. Be sure to stay away from the supplement recommendations online in articles and blogs as they are all paid by respective brands.
What is the fast track method for getting rid of belly fat for men?

Change attitudes about health, body image, diet, etc. Assume everything you ever knew was a lie. Start fresh.Start paying attention to what you eat and how much. Do research to determine what is best for you (what works for one person may not work at all for you. Diet is not one size

If intermittent fasting really works, then why do most Muslims gain weight during Ramadan?

The truth is, intermittent fasting is not necessarily a weight loss program so much as a strategic way to consume your calories in a condensed time period to ensure that MOST of the day your body is being fueled by fat stores rather than dietary carbs or liver glycogen. However, you can easily gain

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If your son wants a wife and wants your help in finding a wife you could keep your ears and eyes open for possible candidates for him. Talk him up to your friends who have daughters who might be interested. Encourage him to go