Can you live a life without ambition?

I might just have the perfect answer for you, having come across this question in real life without even pondering about it (not until I met him). Going anon just in case.

I'm an Indian that chose to attend a college about 2200km away from my city. Just so I'd have a better college experience. My ambitions are pretty ambitious - if not being a "crorepati" (Hindi for billionaire), I at least would want to travel the world, own one supercar, and one superbike. This was my state of mind - I believed it was natural to be at least a little ambitious.

Then I met this friend (let's call him M). M's actual house was about 5km away from the same college I went to. So while I got to go home maybe once a year, he did so everyday. He was somewhat poor at academics - it was clear he wasn't really keen on becoming an engineer, he just wanted to pass. I wondered what sort of a future he had in mind for himself - or if he had one at all. I asked him: "Why don't you try understanding this stuff?" (He used to copy a lot)

He goes, "No problem man, I'll pass from here somehow, get a master's degree from a better college in the city [40km away from his home], come back here and become a teacher! No worries - why should I go far away from home?"

I was stunned, and to this day all I can do is ponder over his words. Sure, many around me would jump at this statement of his and call him a loser, but I wasn't biased in that sense - I was simply flummoxed at what the human brain can derive happiness from.

If you don't have ambition, it doesn't matter, I guess... As long as you're happy. No one else can define that for you.

What is the process in which hackers find exploits? How do they find and identify vulnerabilities?

I'll take the view of a red teamer (advanced penetration testing some would say).First of all : you find vulnerabilities and exploit them, you don't find exploits... you research, find a way to use the found vulnerabilities and exploit them (using code or some tools).Vulnerabilities are the weaknesses, exploiting them is about taking

What are the factors driving China's growth today?

I list some critical ones.Far thinking government. The development blueprint was made in 1978 to 2050 with a 5-year plan every 5 years. I haven't seen any government on this globe to govern her country in this way. All the elite class, like businessmen, politicians, economists, scholars, etc, well know the nation direction and are investing for future. That

What are the 10 most healthiest foods?

Top 10 Healthy Sacks to binge on :Oat MealAlmonds and Walnutes topped with HummusLow Fat Nut ButterGreek YogurtHomemade Multigrain ChipsBread Toast Topped with Bananas and Cinnamon PowderWarm Milk along with GHEESprouts sizzled with vegetablesWhole Wheat CrackersRice CakesLET ME KNOW GUYS IF YOU LOVED MY ANSWER