Can you love someone who doesn't love you back? If you love someone, but they don't love you back, is that still love or just an obsession?

We all love someone we can't have. Well that's one of the hard truths of life. Never really loved any girl in the first 23 years of my life. Met this girl in MBA who became my first crush. Never told her about this thing (it's been 2 years since I met her). She has been in a relationship with her college friend for more than three years before joining MBA. After getting to know about her commitment to that guy I never really thought about approaching her to confess my true feelings for her.

We both belong to the same group of friends who hang out together. After first few months she became a good friend of mine. Things started to change after the internship. She had problems in her relationship and her boyfriend left her giving a lame/stupid reason (you might call me being biased but I've seen the ugly side of the guy). She never really looked like the same person who I knew in first year. Really felt bad after seeing her in that condition.

As they say time heals everything she did recover after sometime. My relationship with her went from being good friend to best friend in the next few months. I never really gave myself a chance to confess my true feelings for her as I felt she deserves a better guy and also didn't want to trouble her after a breakup. We went out on night drives and we developed a good understanding of each other in those few months.

A few weeks before placement she called me to college to discuss something. I thought it was related to a trip we were planning to go in the coming weekend. But as they say fate has a twisted sense of humor, that night she told me that she wants to go on a date with my best friend. My first reaction was a sarcastic remark and a loud laugh. After that I told her to ask him out and see what he's going to say. After a few weeks they did go on a date and I gave her all the tips I know to impress my bf (I had no issues in helping her to impress him and who knows about my bf other than me). Things did go well for few weeks.

In came the dreaded but most awaited placement season. I did really bad in the placements. People expected me to do a lot better than what I did (she's not the reason for my poor performance). I felt ashamed for disappointing my parents who sacrificed many things in their life only to see me successful.

After a disastrous placement and losing her to my bf I have started reading books which I stopped a few months back owing to placement related reasons. I've also started following Quora(my old buddy whom I neglected after coming to MBA) and even started writing short stories on launchora. Things were getting better and I've started regaining my lost confidence. I even went out on my first date with a girl who's one of the sweetest person I've ever met in my life. While I felt I was cool with my crush/love/best friend (confused what to call her) going out with my bf, something really troubled me whenever I saw them together (As far as I know I really felt they will be a good couple). So one day after having few pegs of old monk I proposed to my date. So we started seeing each other more and after some more dates and conversations I realized we didn't have anything in common and it would be better to stop seeing each other. She understood me and even came to give me a send off after my college got over.

Meanwhile due to some reasons it didn't really workout between my bf and my best friend/crush/love (still confused). I never really tried to convince either of them to give it a shot again. They still are good friends even after they stopped seeing each other. College came to an end in March. She became very senti when I went to give her a send off and the one thing which she said in those last few days will stay with me forever.

"I found a good friend in you who always stood by my side never judging me for my past. You're the most honest person I've ever met and a guy good at heart. Even after being a good friend who knew everything about me I don't why you never asked me out in these 2 years. Strange isn't it?"

I know it's a casual remark but still that's the best thing someone ever told me other than my family. She made me a better person. It's the first time I had ever been close to a girl. And now I know how to approach a girl (courtesy of her).

I was never really happy with myself(for letting down my parents on multiple occasions) but it's been 3 months since I left the college and I've finally started finding peace with myself. MBA didn't give me a better paycheck but made me a better person.

Anonymous because most of my friends are on Quora and I don't want to give them a chance to gossip about us.

Forgive me for any grammatical mistakes.

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