Can you motivate me to always exercise, stay fit, and eat healthy?


Nobody can make you change your behavior and form new habits.

Nobody but you can want it enough to substitute new patterns for old.

Nobody but you will be stronger, slimmer, more comfortable in your skin, and more energetic if you exercise and eat better.

And you know's not even "present" you that will is "future" you.

Only "present" you can show the vision to imagine what the future rewards for exercising and healthy eating will be, see them so vividly that they seem real, and invest the energy and determination to attain them.

Sorry I couldn't help you.

What is 20 a good age for?

Do something that you feel is impossible to execute, because later your commitments will stop you from doing them.Do something crazy.Do something jerky.Do something fun.Do something cool.Do something valuable, try all cuisines, do a part time job and gift something nice to your mom.Learn A Lot, like reallyalot,.It will certainly come handy later .atleast