Can you love two people deeply at the same time?

In my heart that is so. What would be the lessons, and up's and down's. Good moments and the ones you want to last forever in your mind if we only had the ability to love one person. I like to think if I have the power to believe in something enough and it is positive and good for me. Is the more energy I have spent in making it a reality. When I say that I don't mean I put all my energy into thinking Channing Tattem will coming by to borrow a cup of sugar and fall in love with me. I mean I put positive energy thinking into things like believing I can love two people deeply at the same time. That I can love someone unconditionally. That I will have true love. I have a soul mate made just for me out there somewhere. It is my destiny to meet them in my lifetime. All of my positive thinking is not only for the purpose of love. Love is a very important one to put good mojo into though. It makes you feel like a useful person when you love and love deep. You have the ability to make someone's bad day better. You can make their fears less, their worries are small, their confidence big. When someone lets you love them and they love you back and the deep connection is made to know that person on a higher level. They have invited you to be a part of themselves, and you have the ability to know the things that make them who they are. You can help to lessen the things that cause them anguish and brighten the things that cause them joy. That is an amazing gift to give and to receive. A deep love like knowing someone's soul and having the ability to improve and enhance their emotional state and feelings should not be limited. You should love all you can and hopefully your loved back just as much.

What don't they tell you about moving abroad?

RacismOutside your close friends circle, you can count on it.In India we are always told how communal or racist India is, so we expect outside should be way better. Not quite true.I have worked in many developed countries and it's the same every where. I am not talking about the normal stuff which comes on news like someone

What kind of exercises should I do to get big deltoids?

You have three shoulder deltoid muscles: front, side, and back.Front delts are the biggest muscle among the three and the best exercises are barbell overhead shoulder press, dumbbell shoulder press, and frontal raises. Side delt are the second but a much smaller muscle and

What do disbarred attorneys do?

Below is my answer to the previous question what do disbarred lawyers do (Quora apparently needs a better search function). As you can see by comparing my answer with some of the others, different jurisdictions do things differently. In my state much of what the others say