Can you share a picture of your wardrobe?

Oh, sure I can. I think this will give you an accurate idea of what my wardrobe is like:

You mean my closet? Or all my clothes? In any case, no way. It would be impossible to photograph all my clothes because they aren't all together. And my closets are over-crammed with gowns in bags and suits and stuff I rarely wear. What I mostly wear is from my drawer of jeans on the floor. Ya, it was too full to stay in the dresser, so it's on the floor, with stacks of jeans as high as my knee.

And I have what I think was meant to be a bookshelf for my sweaters and long-sleeved T-shirts. It's really full too.

I have a lot of clothes.

What'll happen to our solar system if our sun becomes a black hole?

It won't. When our sun will die (4 billion years from now), it'll swell up and become a red giant. It will destroy (literally) planets Mercury and Venus and eat them up like the Japanese eat noodles. Earth might probably survive coz when sun will swell up, it'll also push the planets outward. So

Did the U.S. Apologize for nuclear weapons?

If you mean to the Japanese for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the no ,we didn't. And we shouldn't. We were at WAR with the Japanese, a war that they started. A war in which the Japanese committed atrocities, not only against POW's, but against the civilian populations of the countries they occupied. They were an enemy

Compared to other high schools around the world, how relaxed are U.S. high schools?

I know little about high schools in the U.S. , but I know mine in China. It was horrible. I had to get up at 5:30 am, precisely 5:30, not seconds later or earlier. I had only 15 minutes (the dining place was 300 meters away) to have breakfast and dinner, no more than