Can you show me a picture of your favorite place?

I can most definitely show you a picture of my favourite place. I am a New Zealander and I moved to Seoul, South Korea almost two years ago now. Seoul quickly became my favourite place in the world because of its diversity, speed, beauty, and urban/nature mix. It has always inspired me, so much so that my brand name is ‘Seoulinspired'

My bed.

My tree fort. 204 square feet of play space upstairs and downstairs. It has a concert sound system, comfy furniture, super cool lighting, a bar, and the deck is barefoot friendly!

Gotta be Norn Iron (Northern Ireland).

Is the concept of partial truth coherent?

This must depend on how we define partial truth. It is easy to make it a straw-dog, and it is non-trivial to make it coherent. In my reading, there are two logical systems that successfully make a partial truth coherent.(1) Fuzzy Logic is a logical system that

What made you believe in Christianity?

The easy answer is that I was born as the daughter of a Lutheran pastor (my mother) and raised Christian.But that's only a half-truth. I think the more interesting answer has to do much more with what has made me, despite all cruelty in the world, all judgmental and unloving manifestations