Can you sue a fast food restaurant for kicking you out?

In the US, if they kicked you out due to your status as a protected class member (race, gender, religion, national origin, some others in other states), that is illegal and you can sue them. So if you're Arabic, and they told you "We don't serve terrorists here", yes, that's illegal racial and/or religious discrimination that they would be liable for.

If you can't demonstrate it was for one of those reasons, no. If you were causing trouble, or they thought a slogan on your shirt was offensive, or for whatever other reason they decided they didn't want you there, they can throw you out. Unless you can demonstrate it was protected class discrimination, it's their property, and they can kick you off of it if they so choose. Most businesses don't just do that arbitrarily, or they don't tend to stay in business too long.

Why do I always fall asleep after a big meal?

Because a big meal has so many calories in it, the body uses up more energy to digest it. If a small meal has less calories, then not as much energy is needed.So eating a big meal before a training session or sporting event isn't a good idea, as you will feel

What type of jackets do people wear in winter?

What type of jackets do people wear in winter?The temperatures you have suggested are, to be honest, not that cold. You haven't stated where you are actually travelling to (sounds like the UK) so it is a little difficult to offer any exact details but you could,

What is the most interesting meal you ever had?

I'm answering my own question... For the past year I've spent a few days each month in a forest/mountain village in southeastern Cambodia, staying with a local family.  It's seriously rural/isolated: dirt roads, handmade wooden bridges, no electricity, no phone service, no running water.  There's a few shops