Can you throw up from eating too much?

You can.

I'm not sure of what you mean by this question, so I'll approach it from two perspectives.

If you enter a hotdog eating contest and down 72 hotdogs in 10 minutes, you can and probably will throw up. That's too much for your body to handle in such a short period of time.

That doesn't mean you should be throwing up after eating. You also probably shouldn't ever enroll into a hotdog eating contest either, however.

Throwing up after eating will corrode your esophagus (throat), destroy your bone density (greatly increasing your risk of fractures), cause your hair to thin and start falling out, cause bloating and swelling (the glands in your face will become especially swollen, making your face look puffy), dehydration, fainting, fatigue, immense hunger, irregular heartbeat, corroded teeth and gums, a scratchy voice, dry skin, muscle cramps, among many other things.

Yes it's possible because your stomach is too full


Yes, you most certainly can. Why, there's many reasons. But, probably the most common is that you have overloaded your system and the back part of your brain (which controls vomiting (amongest other things), sends a signal to start the evacuation of your stomach in an order to maintain homeostasis/get any perceived "bad" stuff up and out of the body. Hope that helps. Take care!

First that all. Try to be sure you're not Bulimic. It's the only health condition when the person can throw up, unintentionally and intentionally.

Throw up unintentionally. You ate so much so much, that you stomach don't tolerated any food and like reflex act, to tell you STOP it's enough. You just fell stomached and you throw up.

Throw up intentionally. You ate so so much, and you fell like guilty conscious and you put you finger in you throat for throw up. After throw up you don't fell more guilty and you don't know you're Bulimic.

Yes definitely if you over fill your stomach

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