Can you wash suede shoes in the washing machine? If not, what's the best way to wash them?

Heather Donnelly's answer is quite accurate and correct. Before wearing any suede clothing or shoes, spend some time spraying it with a protective spray to resist dirt andl also resist any water. The spray should be purchased at shoe repair or leather clothing store. Apply it several timrs, allowing the shoes or garment to dry between sprays. Make sure you are outside or have LOTS of ventilation (an open window) when spraying.

The spray can cause beeathing difficulty and is also flammable. So no smoking or using any that has an open flame.

Is there any fitness freak who can do 2 push ups every 5 minutes for 16 hours a day?

Anything out of the blue is a shock to the body.My friend and I tried this once for four daysCalisthenics competition on a similar format.He tore his shoulder ligament on pushups in the fourth day.Reason was lack of recovery.Exercising is not

If you get disbarred, does your law degree get nullified?

Your JD is a degree confirmed by a university and has nothing to do with your admission to the bar.  If you properly earned your degree, your degree cannot be withdrawn simply because you are disbarred.  Consider this: there are indeed law school grads who do not pass the bar exam. As

Is tea tree oil effective in relieving migraine headache pain?

I am writing this based on 30 years of my own experience of reducing migraine headaches sans medicines. So, this is a proven method, which can be used by all migraine-affected people, with zero side effects. It reduces the frequency