Can't God just be some alien full of himself?


From everything that I have seen I would say, no it is not possible. I have seen too many healings and have heard from God too much for it to have just been some random alien.

I do not worship Him out of fear of being punished. I worship Him because He is Holy and Worthy. He deserves my whole heart and I do my best to give it to Him daily. This is a warm and loving relationship between a Father and His son. Not a distant power who is always angry at me. He is constantly calling us into a deeper relationship with Him.

Humbleness is a good human trait because we have a habit of building ourselves up. Being humble and serving reminds us that we are not the center of the universe. He is not humble because He created the universe, He is all powerful, He is all knowing, He is everywhere. We were created in His image, He only asks us to imitate Him. I know that in the Bible He has talked about His power and knowledge and it may sound like bragging to us but in reality it is just a fact. Like in Job he starts to question God and God's response in Job 38 sounds boastful but He is just proving to Job you don't know everything.


If that's the case then why would people not keep the original book?

You're saying they got this awesome alien book and decided to say ‘stuff it' let's rewrite this thing until it contradicts itself.

There are over forty scribes who worked on different parts of the Bible as it stands today. Many sections were removed in the fourth century, but why would they do that if the book was all that remained of their god?

The main destroyer of this idea are all of the parts that are copied from previous religious myths and fables.

Adam and Eve are copied from a Persian religion. They were called Adama and Evah and lived in a lovely garden too.

Noah's ark is copied from the Epic of Gilgamesh where he saved some of the animals and his family. Then he sent out some birds to look for land after the flood, sound familiar? This not a religious story, but a poem.

Then there are the fictional way in which the stars are explained. An alien would know exactly how stars work and what they are.

Why would he say they can fall from the sky? Why would he say the Earth is flat and supported by four pillars?

There are so many holes in this idea, it's difficult to list them all.

Suffice to say, it's far more likely that men wrote the books religions follow. That's why there are so many things wrong with them.

If an alien wrote them, you'd expect the bits about space to be pretty accurate. They're not, they align with what was thought 2,000 years ago.

Aliens didn't write these books, men did :)

"Came from another planet and gave the natives some book." Which ones? Mankind has believed in gods since before recorded history. There are burials with tomb goods (which shows religious belief) about 35,000 years old. He couldn't have "left them a book" because they hadn't invented reading yet, and wouldn't for tens of thousands of years. (Even though Göbekli Tepe is over 11,000 years old, and they worshiped gods, they still had no idea of reading and writing yet, and wouldn't for another 8,000 years.)

So he chose to come at a point in history that was nothing special? He happened to be passing our system when he decided to stop, learn the language, write 39 books over the course of a few hundred years (since they referred to occurrences on Earth, he must have been living here for a long time), gave some captive people those books, then waited around another 600 years to write 47 more (Catholic + Gnostic) books?

I guess it was a slow weekend, huh?

Not for nothing, but reading a little history reveals that magicians, soothsayers, and the like were quite common in biblical times - and that magic tricks were performed by many wandering prophets (like, perhaps, Jesus). Magic tricks and healing were (are) stock in trade for shamans of many traditions.

As Arthur Clarke put it, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic," or miracles.

Aliens, scientists, magicians - all it takes is a little more knowledge than the masses, to pass oneself off as godlike.

It's possible, but since there's no evidence that any gods ever existed at all, there's no evidence to suggest that they were aliens. It's a vacuous possibility.

‘Is it possible that...' questions are usually daft. Here's why. by Jon Jermey on Permanent stuff

I'm not wanting to be disrespectful, but this question made me laugh so hard ! God is NOT an alien, He is not a man like we know of man, He is not egoistic, He is not SO MANY things that misrepresent Him !! He is the one who dwells in unapproachable glory and holiness, whom no man can ever attain to his standards ! .....BUT He provided a way through the cross of Calvary, too many don't understand that and too many reject it as well....i hope you keep searching for the Truth, He is SO valuable and priceless beyond compare

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