Children of single mothers have double the drop-out rate as children with both parents. They have lower GPAs, poorer attendance records, higher rates of divorce. Do single mothers know this?

I think the socially, emotionally, and intellectually intelligent single mothers are very aware of this. I was a divorced/single mom for eight years. My focus was on my children, their education, and adjustment. My kids are now 28 and 31. My eldest daughter is a family doctor and my youngest daughter works full time in PR/Marketing and is working on her Master's Degree. Both are happily married and own their own homes.

As a school teacher, I've taught many children of single moms. Like everything else in this world, these moms are on a spectrum of fabulous parents to not-so-fabulous parents. Most are very concerned about the adjustment and education of their children. They are involved in their education and seek help and counseling for their children when they have adjustment problems.

There is always that little percentage of single moms who are not very bright socially, emotionally or intellectually. They tend to be the ones who are careless about birth control and pop out baby after baby, expecting the school system and the "village" to raise them while they pursue their next baby's daddy. A higher percentage of these kids do have issues because they haven't had a solid foundation at home with a nurturing, involved mother or father. However, I know children who have risen above their raising who were in this situation and are now fine, upstanding adults.

All single moms aren't single moms because they're irresponsible. Some are widowed or divorced, or they've reached a point in their life where they want a child, and can easily provide for that child, but don't have a partner. Yes, there are always those single mom's who have children because they're not careful and make poor life choices.

With all the above being said, I've taught children from two parent homes that were not on track educationally or emotionally. One of the saddest surprises I've had as a teacher was finding out that one of my best students, from a loving supportive home, is now a drug addicted prostitute.

Honestly, when it comes to how a child will turn out, you never know what positive or negative influences will affect them. All coupled or single parents can do is try their best to raise a good human being and hope that their good influences work!

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