Citizenship: How can I work and live in another country?

The easiest and most accessible way for an ordinary Chinese person to move to another country is by study abroad. It doesn't requires insane amount of money, and you can work to improve your score. There plenty of agencies in China specialize in helping people with the process so they can go to various countries.

Generally speaking, Australia and New Zealand are the easiest countries to go to, and probably easier to stay after you finish school, due to its relatively open immigration policy. European countries come up next, they're relatively easy to go (if you have some money and study their language), but very difficult to stay afterwards. And there's Japan and Korea, similar situation as European countries: relatively easy to go, very difficult to stay. America is still the hardest to get in, but after you finish school, it is easier to stay compare to European countries. Find a reputable agency to help you out, they'll have more detailed information.

If you're a female, you could also get married with a foreigner. There are websites for that as well. However, this is probably not the best way because for the first 3 years, you're completely under the control of your spouse, due to your conditional green card status. I have heard horror stories about how Chinese girl came over and be abused but won't dare to report; I also heard horror stories about how Chinese girl came over and divorced their husband after they get citizenship. Think it through if you want to go this route.

But, above all, I want to make it very clear: Moving to another country doesn't mean you get better easier life. Many Chinese students regret the decision to come over, they don't fit in, they can't make friends, they don't like the culture, life is hard, they're facing racism and bullying... It's a harder life, because you're fighting alone in an unfamiliar environment with very little family support. If you're looking for an easy way out, to escape, going to a different country will not give you that.
The easiest way is probably to find and marry a foriegner who wants to live in a country other than yours.

Wanting the simple life doesn't make it any easier to get a visa. It may actually make it harder. The other easiest path is an investor visa, where you basically buy your way into residency.

The next easiest option is probably a student visa, assuming you can get funding to pay for the visa. In many cases, this is often a pathway to future residency as countries favor people who graduate from their universities.

The next option is to have a skill that will get you an employer willing to sponsor you. This is sometimes easier than it looks. For a while, not sure if it is true still, you could get visa sponsorship for being a hairdresser in Australia.

Barring all that, look to the Chinese expat community for ideas.
Do you have a business?  If you do, you may be able to get a business visa to the US, Canada, Europe, India or Australia.  Perhaps, if you can get a business visa, you can try to expand your business, while testing out other nations to see if you like them.

If you work, start working on your resume.  Send as many as possible, far and wide.  See if you get any responses.

If you already work for a multinational, ask for a transfer.
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