Could a person with less muscle be stronger than the one with more muscle?

Of course. Muscle strength is affected by many different factors. Metabolism Type (aka Muscle Type like Type II Fast Twitch), speed the Muscle can metabolise Energy (Depends across people, some have Oxidative aka Aerobic Respiration that is carried out so fast that it matches the speed of Type II Fast Twitch Muscles), how fast their crossbridges can cycle, how durable and powerful their crossbridges are, how many Myofibrils are in each Muscle, and countless other factors... Unlike what many think unless the person is a huge 150kg man Muscle size is not the main factor of muscle strength, so people with "Abs" are not always the strongest

I 've arm wrestled before. I have a female friend who's never trained herself for strength before. Absolutely untrained, perfectly normal girl who doesn't look the least bit muscular. Yet during impromptu competitions she nearly effortlessly wrecked every single average guy at the table, including me. There were some really strong and muscular dudes present too who we never stood a chance against in a one on one and had a really hard time against in a 2 v 1. And yet they barely even lasted 20 seconds against her. And most of them were really muscular and well built guys who barely even had to use any effort against us, struggling to keep their hands from touching the table and their faces turning red, when they faced her. Only one guy actually gave her a decent challenge. That's not even all. She even has picked up boxes weighing almost 50 kilograms all by herself, and 2 of us struggled to even lift one. For a girl weighing just 40-45, that's impressive. 50kg was considered very heavy by gym standards for our age at the time. I don't know through which specific mechanism this girl got her absolutely immense amount of Physical Strength from, but damn i wish i had the same genetics as her!

What is the easiest way to break up in a long-term relationship?

The easiest way is to believe that it is the absolute best thing for you and have utmost conviction and certainty about it as if you were deciding to breakup peanut shells or greasy pizza boxes to fit in the

Why do I feel sleepy after sleeping for 8 hours or more but not when I sleep for five hours or less?

The first thing; 8 hours of sleep at one time is a disadvantage to our creativity, productivity, and overall connection to the various parts of our existence. When you separate long hours of waking with long hours of sleeping, you end up in two worlds and not a lot of connection and

How do people with disgustingly bad teeth cope with it?

There might be different causes for your bad breath, such as gum disease, dental caries, infectio and etc. First of all you need to take a check-up first to find out the underlying cause so that you can seek proper treatment accordingly. Besides, it's also important that you always keep good