Could aliens be our descendants travelling back into the past?

Could aliens be our descendants traveling back into the past?

Yes, I'm pretty sure this is true. It explains so much. For instance why they don't make direct contact in a more high-profile way. They can't, of course, without taking a risk of changing the whole course of history!

That's why the most they can afford to do, under the circumstances, is contact a few fringe elements in our society, people who won't be widely believed anyway; and if there's a danger of things getting out of hand they may even organize a "fake" UFO sighting or a hoax or two, just to throw us off the track.

But for those rare individuals who are chosen for full encounters, the superior beings offer cryptic clues for further development, just seeds really, very subtle things, such as the crop-circles that can transport you into a wormhole leading to ancient Egypt if you concentrate on them in just the right way. This is of course the source of all authentic Masonic lore, hidden in plain sight within the scramble of nonsense that lower-level Freemasons learn. Or the secrets that they leave backmasked in music (List of backmasked messages - Wikipedia). We all know about these, but it doesn't change the fact that the mysteries are waiting there for that unique contemporary mind who can listen backward while still hearing the music playing forward.

And in those minds it all just clicks suddenly, imparting knowledge that others can't see, yet that has the potential for saving us from the many conspiracies being carried out around us, some by legitimate human beings from the present, and others by destructive forces from the future as well as the multiple weird alien races we have yet to encounter. So we're lucky that our descendants are coming to visit us and plant those seeds where they can do us the most good, yet without being plausible enough for ordinary people to perceive. Just rest assured that the evidence is there for those who need it, in places like Breitbart and the Alex Jones show, or sometimes just in the shapes of clouds or in the creepy voices you hear when you're alone.

Great question, and the answer could be yes, notwithstanding our limited knowledge of timelines. I refer you to the 1980 Rendlesham Forrest incident, a well-known UFO encounter that took place over the course of December 24–26, 1980 in Suffolk, England at a US Airforce base. The incident is significant because it occurred at a US-NATO airforce base and was witnessed by dozens of people. Because the events were witnessed by Airforce personnel, they have a higher level of credibility. It was not a single encounter, but a series of encounters. You can google it, or find videos about it on youtube for more info.

Space prevents me from explaining the whole series of encounters, but let me explain the part that concerns your question. On the first night of the encounters, Sgt Penniston and John Burroughs (forgot his rank, but he was a low-ranked guy) went out into to the forest to investigate reports of lights. The story gets really bizarre - and again, I can't explain all of it, but to cut to the chase, Penniston sees this triangular craft made from a material that he described as looking like onyx, or black glass. There were symbols on the craft, like etched into the craft. When he touched one of the symbols, he had a complex experience. He immediately understood that the craft was communicating to him - he understood that the craft was from OUR FUTURE, and it was on a mission to collect DNA in order to confront some huge challenge that we were facing in the future.

The story gets a lot crazier. Penniston could not sleep the following two nights, and felt compelled to write something down. He got a notebook and scrolled pages and pages of binary code (he didn't know binary code), and he didn't tell anyone about that until 2009 because he thought everyone would think he was crazy. when the code was transcribed (by multiple people), the message reiterated what Penniston felt from the craft - that it was from the future. It was US, from the future. Check it out the story for yourself.

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If we accept the existence of parallel universes, there sure is one such universe. Also, in one of them I'm queen Elizabeth travelled forward in time and went a sex change and working in a third-class web management company, just to answer this question, which would somehow save the world.

The point being, there is no end of possibilities of what "coulda been" - so to speak.

There sure is one hell of a possibility that humanity would spread to multiple star systems throughout the galaxy. Free from Earth's dogma's they become highly advanced in science and society, with nothing held back, while Earth, mired in its backwater "traditions" becomes more and more introvert. Sounds like Asimov's idea, eh? Well, the dude was great at understanding social psychology. It would be very possible that in one of these greatly-advanced systems scientists poop out the clock-twisting Delorean and send someone to act as Mr. Lloyd. This way they can certainly be Aliens, Man and Time travellers altogether.

Helluva movie concept, eh?

The aliens would be a part of us and very and very curious of our species as we would.

Below are distant planets which may have Alien Species active in Earths Evolution.

There are just over 10,000,000 worlds in this universe with similar humanities to our own, this is but a few races that are or have been involved with our life wave for some reason.

In the beginning of our solar systems creation the earth had no water but a large meteor of ice crashed into the earth then melted into oceans and gave our planet water. When the earth formed conditions suitable for life then maybe the first life such as bacteria then vegetation then dinosaurs and pterodactyls etc was born. All life on this planet could've come from somewhere else in the universe and may not of originally grown on the earth. It was like a meteor crashing into the earth that made dinosaurs extinct. It could've been things crashing into the earth that brought vegetation, animals,plants,humans. So maybe we are all descended from interplanetary interferences and things coming from outer space. If meteors could destroy life why not be able to make life appear as well?

I doubt it very much as a lot of people who claim to have had contact with an alien have complained of being studied in some way or other. Humans coming back to earth would have no interest in our genetic makeup and if there were here to help us there would be an ulterior motive. If at sometime in the future the planet is going to be threatened with extinction and the humans of that time do not have the technical know how to stop it then they may visit us , in their past. Then they would get us to fast forward technology so that by the time the threat comes up they will have a way to deal with it. If this was the case i am sure they would make it known to the powers that be. As governments never tell anyone the truth this may be happening right now.

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