Could humanity survive without wild animals?

I don't know but I would hate to have to live in a world that had no wildlife. Every being on this planet has a job and when everything is working as it should we hum along! However man seems to think that they know better and we have proven over and over that we should butt out in most cases! Note the cane toads in Queensland brought there to take care of the rodents in the cane fields. The taipans who hunted the rodents now tried to eat the cane toads and they died as a result of the poison in their skin. Now the true killers of the rodents are dying, the cane toads are reproducing at an alarming rate leaving a trail of dead native animals who tried to eat them. There appears there is no answer at the moment. A case showing we should have left things alone in my opinion!

I wouldn't want to be alive in that scenario but I am pretty certain we will survive.

But not that long . Animals play a big rol in distribution of seeds, pollination, controlling pests and other animal bussiness. Not even to mention the importance of the fish and other aquatic animals. Domestic humans will be able to solve the problem. For a while at least.

A random guess, about half the world won't make contact or see any wild animals today, maybe even this month.

What do French elementary and junior high students and parents think about the ban on cell phone use in school?

What do French elementary and junior high students and parents think about the ban on cell phone use in school?It is civic autoritarism.Teenagers now have ways to communicate beyond the school borders, and school lost its

Does the echo in phone calls mean someone is tapping your phone?

What you are hearing is a natural phenomenon of Telephone Switching Systems and the massive amount of bundled communications wires. It doesn't mean that your line is being tapped, just that your line has a technical glitch. Just hang up & call again. Your call

How to know programming

Well, to know about anything you have to start reading about it. Start from the basics read about programming, what all languages are in programming, different kinds of languages in programming, programming in itself is art of problem solving. As i said, earlier to know about anything you will have to read it, understand it, and eventually practice it.